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Post  Yondaime on Tue Oct 28, 2008 10:36 pm

you can make your own missions

You can only do 7 missions a day.

D - Rank Mission - 200 Ryo or 10 Extra Health or Chakra
C - Rank Mission - 400 Ryo or 20 Extra Health or Chakra
B - Rank Mission - 800 Ryo or 40 Extra Health or Chakra
A - Rank Mission - 1000 Ryo or 60 Extra Health or Chakra
S - Rank Mission - 3500 ryo or 100 Health & Chakra

Note: Can only Gain 300 life and chakra through missions

Mission Types:
Role Play(RP)
Traveling Missions
Type-Rank Missions: XXXX Ryo/XXXX Posts
D-rank Missions: 200/100
You can't die on these.
Only Gennin and Chunnins can do these Solo.
C-rank Missions: 400/200
Only Chunnin and Special Jounin can do these Solo.
Special Jounin and below can kill on these.
B-rank Missions: 800/400
Only Jounin and Sannins can Solo these.
Special Jounin and Above can kill on these.
A-rank Missions: 1000/500
Only Jounin and Sannins can Solo these.
Sannin and Above can kill on these.
S-rank Missions: 3500/2000
Sannin and Above can kill on these.
You can only do one of these Per Week.
They must be done with a Team of three.
Role Play Missions: XXXX Ryo/XXXX Posts

Basic Concept:

Can't do Role Play Missions Alone(Solo).
Each person that competes in a Role Play Mission, gets the whole pay of the mission. Ex: 4 people do a D-rank, each get 200 Ryo.

If a Non-Role Play fight happens in a Role Play mission, then it still counts, so don't be afriad to fight Regular in a RP.
Each post in a Role Play has to be a Role Play Post: (Ex.
Uhuru Walked up the long hallway expecting his New Mizukage, Fatal, to be hard at work to only find him talking to a girl. "FATAL! Get to work," he said with a big voice.[/quote] That is a Regular RP post.)
No Spam will be Accepted into a RP mission, if you want to talk, do it during a post and put OOC. OOC stands for Out-Of-Character. Ex: OCC: Fatal, how is the war going?
Don't give yourself all the Glory, other players want to have fun RPing, but if you take everything up and run all the shots it makes it unfair to other RPers.
You must have a Created Character History to get payed for a Role Play. Can't do a Role Play mission without a History inside your Character Status.

D-rank Missions: Pay 200/50
C-rank Missions: Pay 400/100
B-rank Missions: Pay 800/200
A-rank Missions: Pay 1000/250

Traveling Missions:


-Only Sp. Jounin and Chuunin can do these missions.
-Can be attacked by Sp. Jounin or lower.
-Rewards: 1000 ryo/30 life/30 chakra
-Must travel to another village and back to your own village.

-Only Jounin can do these missions.
-Can be attacked by Jounin and lower
-Rewards: 1200 ryo/50 life/50 chakra
-Must travel to 2 other villages and back.

-Only Sannin and Jounin can do these missions.
-Can be attacked by anyone.
-Rewards: 1500 ryo/80 life/80 chakra
-Must travel to 3 other villages and back.

-Only Sannin can do these missions.
-Can be attacked by anyone
-Rewards: 3500 ryo/120 life/120 chakra
-Must travel to all other villages and back.

Additional Notes:

1. A-rank and lower can only be done in groups of 2 while S-rank can only be done in groups of 3.
2. Once you have reached a village, you must each post 10 times in the village academy or missions area. You will be able to be attacked in these areas as well.
3. Post in the same mission travelling topic while travelling.
4. You can only do these missions with others from the same village/organization. Akatsuki with Akatsuki and rogue with rogue.
5. Akatsuki and Rogue can attack in any of these missions.
6. In the mission reports, post the travelling link, village posts, rewards, and participants.
7. Travelling missions rewards are not shared, meaning if you do this with someone as a C rank. You can still get the full 400 ryo or whatever and the other person can too.
8. Admins, not Kages, will post these missions.
9. If you travelled to another village through travelling missions, you may not do anything in the village. You can't attack, burn, play jump. or steal relics within the village.

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