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Drunken Fist

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Drunken Fist

Post  Yondaime on Wed Oct 29, 2008 5:35 pm

Zui Quan: (Drunken Fist)
Cost:1700 ryo

Drunken boxing includes almost everything contained in any other kung-fu style and above all that it contains a deceptive philosophy. As the pugilist staggers about, he or she is concentrating on creating momentum and avoiding attacks with the style's trademark unorthodox adaptive moves; for example, if someone is going to push the pugilist, he or she rolls over his arms and hits him, and sometimes sinks his or her weight upon him, according to the situation.

The secret behind Drunken style kung fu is the sudden release of power from awkward positions. The agile footwork enables the exponent to totter, sway and fall without harm, confusing his opponent, rising up on the tips of his toes then dropping to low, crouched positions. The hand-form which is readily identified with the Drunken style is the Cup-Holding hand-form.

--Drink Sake (50 Chakra) Uninterruptable, All Zui Quan skills +50 life damage for next 5 rounds.
--Internal Strength (50 Chakra) Uninterruptable, Enables Zui Quan skills for rest of battle.
-*Powerful Right Leg (150 Chakra) 250 Life Damage, can't block, twice per battle.
-*Deadly Waist Attack (100 Chakra) 150 Life Damage, stop opponent one post.
-*Swift Double Kicks (200 Chakra) 350 Life Damage, Uninterruptable, cannot be blocked.
-*Powerful Throat Lock (50 Chakra) Stop opponent one post.
-*Powerful Wrists (100 Chakra) Uninterruptable, Break out of any Taijutsu holding skill, once per battle.
-*Right Arm Bar(100 Chakra) 200 Life Damage, cannot be blocked.
-*Flaunting Strike (200 Chakra) 300 Life Damage, Multi-hit, unavoidable. Once per battle.

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