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Eight Trigram Palm

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Eight Trigram Palm

Post  Yondaime on Wed Oct 29, 2008 5:35 pm

Baguazhang: (Eight Trigram Palm)
Cost:1700 ryo

The practice of circle walking is bagua's characteristic method of stance and movement training. Practitioners walk around the edge of a circle in a low stance, facing the center and periodically changing direction as they execute forms. Students first learn flexibility through such exercises, then move on to more complex forms and internal power mechanics. Bagua contains an extremely wide variety of techniques, including various strikes, low kicks, joint techniques, throws, and distinctively circular footwork.

--Equilibrium (100 Chakra) Next non-genjutsu damage recieved is decreased by 300. Cannot perform Taijutsu until hit by decreased damage. Twice per battle. Can't interrupt, block or avoid. Can only be used every 3 turns.
--Lying Step (0 Chakra) ESP from Ninjutsu.
--Interlocking (100 Chakra) Stop opponent 1 post, Uninterruptable.
--Moving With The Force (150 Chakra) Uninterruptable. Nulls 100 damage from any taijutsu.
--Reversing The Body (200 Chakra) Unavoidable, Opponent must use health instead of chakra for the next 2 rounds. Once per battle.
--Turning The Back (200 Chakra) Block any ninjutsu and deal back 100 chakra damage. Uninterruptable.
--Lifting And Holding (200 Chakra) 300 Life Damage, 100 Chakra Damage, Multi-hit.
--Windmill (300 Chakra) 300 Life Damage, 400 Chakra Damage, Multi-hit, cannot be blocked. Once per battle.
--Enfolding (400 Chakra) 400 Life Damage, Unavoidable. Once per battle.

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