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Bak Mei

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Bak Mei

Post  Yondaime on Wed Oct 29, 2008 5:36 pm

Bak Mei: (White Eyebrows)
Cost: 1700 ryo

Bak Mei is characterized by its emphasis on powerful close range hand strikes. Within Bak Mei can be found the four principles of Fou (Float), Chum (Sink), Tun (Swallow), and Tou (Spit) common in the Southern Chinese martial arts and also found in Karate. Unique to Bak Mei is its classification of the following 4 powers: biu (thrusting), chum (sinking), tan (springing), and fa (neutralizing). Bak Mei emphasizes the movements of the tiger.

--Straight Punch (0 Chakra) 20 Life Damage. Unaffected by modifiers.
--Tou; Spit (50 Chakra) 100 Life Damage, uninterruptable.
--Fou; Float (100 Chakra) Avoid an Unavoidable taijutsu, once per battle. Cannot use in Close Encounter.
--Fa; Neutralize (100 Chakra) Escape from any avoidable genjutsu. Three times per battle.
--Pounce (200 Chakra) 350 Life Damage, cannot be interrupted or avoided.
--Close Encounter (50 Chakra) Unavoidable, Both you and your opponent can only perform Taijutsu for the next 3 rounds. Twice per battle, cannot be used within 5 rounds of itself. Enables some Bak Mei skills while this is in effect. Instant Ninjutsu (Technique that requires no handsigns) or Taijutsu is aviable to use to block the Taijutsu used against the opponent. Be warned.
-*Chum; Sink (150 Chakra) Opponent's Taijutsu while in the Close Encounter are reduced by 50 life damage.
-*Biu; Thrust (150 Chakra) 100 Life Damage, Interrupt both opponent's interruptable taijutsu in a post.
-*Tun; Swallow (300 Chakra) 450 Life Damage, Unavoidable.

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