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Trap Master

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Trap Master

Post  Yondaime on Wed Oct 29, 2008 6:03 pm

Lifetime-Trap Master

Cost: 2500 ryo

History: Trap Masters were usually deployed in enemy Villages to set traps around the village causing the Destruction of the village, just like Gennou from the Dragonfly village when he went to the Leaf village.

*All Ninja tools cannot be avoided by things that specifiably Avoid block or interrupt ninja tools*

*a person owning this lifetime gain 1 extra Ninja tool of each in his ninja pouch*

*Taijutsu-only ninjas may have this lifetime*

Beginner Level (Gennin Level)

Trap Upgrades

Trap In training
-Set Trap (xxx Chakra, Passive) you may set traps in battle these traps you may activate anytime in battle, they do 75 damage and 25 Chakra damage Clone Can't avoid. Cannot be interrupted by anything (10 Chakra = 1 Trap) (max traps-7 at once)
-Activate Trap (No Chakra needed) it Activates XXX traps that you have set Cannot be interrupted by anything
-Hidden Kunai Trap (150 Chakra) Multi-hit 350 damage Can't interrupt or Avoid by clone
-Opponent Trips Hidden Trap (200 Chakra) if opponent hits you for 400 damage or more last post, Opponent loses 100 Chakra for 2 post and all his attacks get reduced by 75 damage Can't interrupt -twice per battle-

Intermediate Level (Chuunin)
*pay 2000 ryo or post 400 times*

Trap Updates
-Cost: 750 ryo: Setting Traps Master: You are now able to set 9 Traps at once and it only cost 5 Chakra per Trap. They also do 25 extra damage. (may only buy this once)

Trap User
-Set Exploding Tags (xxx Chakra, Passive) you may set Exploding tags in the battle that you may activate anytime,each Trap does 150 damage Can't avoid, Cannot interrupt by anything (50 Chakra = 1 Exploding tag) (max= 4 Exploding tags at once)
-Gas Clone (75 Chakra) -ESP- 25 life damage Confuses all Opponents for one post
-Hidden Chakra Wire Explosion (300 Chakra) Multi-hit 450 damage Capture Opponent for 2 post you must activate a Exploding tag before doing this attack Can't Avoid or Block.
-Trap, 4 Tagged Barrier (250 Chakra) 200 Chakra damage Captures opponet for 1 post Can't avoid or Block

Advanced Level (Jounin)
*pay 4000 ryo or post 800 times*

Trap Updates
-Cost 5000 ryo
Trap Master Pouch
100- Kunai Knifes (50 life damage)
100- Shurikens (50 life damage)
75- Needles (75 life damage)
75- Exploding tag (100 life damage)
50- Smoke Bombs -Esp-
-Cost: 1000 ryo: Setting explosive Trap Master: You are now able to set 6 Traps at once and it only cost 25 Chakra per Trap. They also do 25 extra damage. (may only buy this once)

Trap Master
-Last Resort; Tag Explosion Genjutsu (300 Chakra) 300 damage stops opponent for 1 post Can only be Avoided by paying 300 life through inflict pain unavoidable -once per battle-
-Grand Escape; Clone Explosion (500 Chakra + All Remaining Life of Clone) Multi-hit 700 damage Unavoidable Allows User to Escape from battle: User May escape right after this skill: If User escapes after the skill No one can Interrupt/Stop/Negate/ him from Escaping. -once per battle- (must have a Clone out in battle)
-Hidden Log Trap (250 Chakra) 500 damage, Stops Opponent for 2 post Can't Avoid or interrupt
-Advance Gas Clone (0 Chakra) -ESP- 75 Life damage Confuses Opponents for 2 post

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Village : Leaf
Registration date : 2008-10-28

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