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Post  Yondaime on Wed Oct 29, 2008 6:27 pm

Kujaku Myouhou
Cost: 2500 ryo

QTY: 3/4

Kujaku Myouhou is a unique Ninjutsu style developed by Hidden Star ninja. Meditating around a meteor which fell on the country over 200 years ago grants the ninja a special purple chakra. This chakra is reportedly the users own chakra which has been pulled out through training with the meteor. This chakra will first take the form of feathers which extend from the back of the ninja. These "feathers" resemble that of a peacock. The feathers in turn can be shaped and moved to the ninja's will based upon their seal usage. This allows them to attack with techniques like Kujaku Myouhou • Zan (Destroy) or defend with Kujaku Myouhou • Su (Protect). If the ninja places the meteor itself close to the body, they will be granted greater control of these powers. It allows more complex and powerful peacock chakra usage.

Those who use the technique will also retain some draw to the original meteor. By focusing their powers together, they can sense which direction the unique chakra is emanating from. Also by engraving the targets unique chakra upon ones eyes, they can track this individual by following their lingering chakra trail. The chakra can also be used to revive an unconscious person. By injecting the chakra into the target, the injured person regains consciousness. Also if a trained user injects their chakra into their target and resonates it in the same manner as that of the target, the user can control the movement of the target.

To master the chakra takes much meditation and practice. To use the technique requires the ninja generally maintaining their hand seals, however highly skilled ninja may maneuver the chakra even when their arms and hands are bound. Also because the chakra proves hazardous to the health, few ninja have mastered these techniques, and those that do soon die. The training itself has gone through periods where it was practiced and then forbidden. With the stars eventual destruction, the training and usage of the technique will probably cease.

Kujaku Myouhou - Mysterious Peacock Method Activation (Self damage 50 life, 200 Chakra) Allows you to use the Kujaku Myouhou. Blocks all Firing Weapons and Taijutsu under 75 Chakra. Must pay 25 Life each post this is activated.

Kujaku Myouhou • Mysterious Peacock Method Destroy (200 Chakra) Mult-hit 375 damage Can't avoid by Clone or Interupt.

Kujaku Myouhou • Kemono - Mysterious Peacock Method • Beast (300 Chakra) Mult-hit 450 life damage Can't avoid or Block. Blocks all Firing Weapons even Keen eye's.

Kujaku Myouhou • Gou Kemono - Mysterious Peacock Method • Double Beast (Self damage 75 life, 350 Chakra) Mult-hit 500 damage Unavoidable. Once per battle.

Kujaku Myouhou • Yoku - Mysterious Peacock Method • Wing (200 Charka) Avoids all attacks from opponets last post even Unavoidables. Twice per battle. Pay 75 extra Charka to Avoid with an Allie.

Chakra no Nawa - Chakra Rope (100 Chakra) Captures Opponet for 2 post. Can't avoid by Clone. Pay 50 extra Charka to make this Mult-hit.

Chakra no Hoshoku - Chakra Predation (XXX Chakra) Give XXX amount of Charka to one Allie. If he has this Trait then all of his Kujaku Myouhou skills cost 50 Charka less and do 100 extra damage for 3 post. Can't Interupt. (Max=500 Chakra)

Kujaku Myouhou • Mysterious Peacock Method • Chakra Vision (100 Chakra, Passive) Negates All skills that doesn't allow the opponet to be attacked or Damage, like hiddin Camofoge.

Kujaku Myouhou • Su Protect (100 Chakra) Blocks all attacks from opponets last post Excluding unavodiables or genjutsu.

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