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Animal Medicine

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Animal Medicine

Post  Yondaime on Wed Oct 29, 2008 6:28 pm

Cursed Animal

Cost: 3500 ryo

History: Orochimaru gave this to Mizuki on one of his missions although it seemed powerful it holds a high price for victory.

*User of this Trait gains 50 life and 50 Chakra into there stats, if this trait is lost or sold or taken out of your stats you lose the life and Chakra*

* if you have this trait you may not have a bujin or Curse seal*

Cursed Animal Seal Activation (no Chakra needed, Passive) gain 100 life and 100 Chakra, allows you to use some skills in this trait, all attacks do 100 extra damage and cost 75 Charka less Can't interrupt -once per battle- after 4 of your post you lose 300 life and 300 Chakra if this is still activated

*Speed of an Animal (200 Chakra) Avoids all attacks even unavoidable skills -twice per battle-

*Smashing Animal Fist (400 Chakra) 600 damage Can't avoid or Block

*Air Uppercut (300 Chakra) 400 damage Unavoidable -twice per battle- stops opponent for one post

*Follow up kick (500 Chakra) 600 damage Can't block or interrupts if opponent is stopped by air uppercut this attack becomes unavoidable

*Cursed Animal Seal Activation; Tiger (No Chakra needed, Passive) Gain 300 life and 300 Chakra, all of user's attacks gain Can't avoid by clone and can't interrupts and all of opponents attacks that say Can't avoid are now Changed to Can't avoid by clone (excluding unavoidable of CUA's) -once per battle- after 4 of your post you lose 500 life and 500 Chakra if this is still activated

**Claws of a Tiger (300 Chakra) Multi-hit 500 damage Unavoidable -once per battle-

**Super Speed (200 Chakra,Passive) Next attacks becomes unavoidable -once per battle-

**Cursed Animal Seal Activation; Ox (no Chakra needed,Passive) Gain 400 life and 400 Chakra, All attacks do 500 extra damage and Can no longer be Blocked opponent cannot Block your attacks anymore but user may no longer avoid things by clone -once per battle- after 4 of your post you lose 800 life and 800 Chakra if this is still activated

***Ox's Fist (500 Chakra) 600 damage Unavoidable -once per battle-

***Strength of defense (200 Chakra) Blocks all attacks even unavoidable skills -once per battle-

***Ox's Fury (200 Chakra, Passive) all attacks become unavoidable for this post -once per battle


-this buffs do not Stack if you have Activated the Ox you may no longer use the Tiger skills but you still can use the original skills that you fist activated

-you may only activate one a turn

-effects of the tiger are negated if you activate the Ox

-every 4 post of your turn you lose the amount of which it says

-once activated you cannot deactivate them in battle

-opponent cannot negate the activations of the curses by anything

-Must take the after affect before Activating a new curse

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