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Gun Master

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Gun Master

Post  Yondaime on Wed Oct 29, 2008 10:59 pm

Cost:2000 ryo

Blacksmith (Attribute) Allows the user to create a custom gun, following the rules stated in the handbook.
Limited Hands (Attribute) Only one gun may be drawn at one time.
Draw (0 Chakra) Draws up to 1 Gun. Once per Turn.
Fling (50 Chakra) Block 1 Skill. Requires a Gun to be drawn.


Leg Packet:Holds 200 Bullets [500 ryo]

Belt Pouch:Holds 500 Bullets [750 ryo]

Backpack: Holds 1000 bullets [1250 ryo]


Iron Bullet: [50 Life Damage] 10 bullets for 50 ryo

Smoke Bullet: [ 25 poison damage for 2 turns] 15 bullets for 50 ryo

Cry Bullet: [paralazies opponent for 1 turn ]10 bullets for 50 ryo

Nano Tech Bullet: [100 damage unavoidable,may only own one] 200 ryo

Silver Bullet:[75 Life Damage. Can't Interrupt] 20 for 75 ryo

Gold Bullet: [100 Life Damage. Can't Block/Avoid by ESP]20 for 100 ryo
[u]Custom Gun Rules

* You can create a Gun upon reaching Chûnin Rank and another at Jônin Rank.
* All are taijutsu excep if joined with chakra.
* The gun is allowed to have up to 8 Skills, one of which can be Unavoidable or an Unavoidable Block.
* Only one gun can have one of the above, and the other gun can have the opposite (Ex: First gun has Unavoidable Attack, Second gun can have an Unavoidable Block)
* One gun can have a passive technique, but only one.You can make it 2 for the prise of making it 6 skills.
* May only select one group of chakra skills
*Takes 1000 ryo to make custom gun

Chakra Skills:[/b

[b]Fire Skills:
Fire Needle (1 Bullet) Deals 200% Damage of the Bullet used.
Inferno Rush (XXX bullets) Does damage of bullets used + 50 damage per 5 bullets

Wind Skills:
Wind Bullet (1 Bullet) Deals 150% Damage of the Needle used. Can't Block.
Boreas Bullets (50 Chakra, 2 Bullets) Deals 200% Damage of both Bullets used. Can't Block/Avoid by ESP.

Lightning Skills:
Lightning Strike (1 Bullet) Deals 50 more damage of the bullet used. Paralyze opponent 1 Post. Can't Avoid by ESP.Unavoidable.1 per turn
Storm Barrage (50 Chakra, 20 Bullets) deals damage of bullets used, the next urn your opponent cant use Taijutsu

Earth Skills:
Absorb Hit (1 Bullet) Deals 50% Damage of the Bullet used, plus 50 chakra damage. Can't Block.
Bullet Restock (50 Chakra, Passive) Restocks bag with 5 Iron Bullets

Water Skills:
Water Bust (10 Bullets) Multi-hit 150 Life Damage. Can't Avoid.
Destruction Blast (5 Bullets) Multi-hit 350 Life Damage. Can't Block/Avoid.


In addition to the skills above, user may choose one of the "Paths" listed below and gain the skill:

Path of the Guardian
Reinforced Block (175 Chakra) Block 1 Unavoidable Technique. Once per Battle.

Path of the Warrior
Chakra Cutting Blast (150 Chakra) 250 Life Damage. Unavoidable. Once per Battle.

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