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Hand Petrification

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Hand Petrification

Post  Yondaime on Sun Nov 02, 2008 6:06 pm

Hand Petrification

Used by Ishidate in the moon country on the 3rd movie in Naruto the Hand Petrification bloodline. Whenever some one touches a persons body with there right arm the part of the body they touch turns to stone

-Right Arm Eye Opening(50 Chakra, Passive)Allows the use of this bloodlines techniques during the post it was activated in. Can't be interrupted.
-*Petrifying Touch(100 Chakra) 150 life damage. If hits the opponent the opponent can only use one attack next post. Can't be blocked or interrupted.Twice per battle
-*Petrifying Arm Grab(125 Chakra) If hits the opponent the opponent must pay an extra 75 chakra to use any taijutsu for the rest of the battle, and all taijutsu can now be avoided unless the cost of the taijutsu was over 200 Chakra or if the skill says it's unavoidable. last for the whole battle. Unavoidable. Once per battle
-*Petrifying Body Touch(200 Chakra) Stops the opponent for 3 posts.Can't be blocked or interrupted. Twice per battle
-*Petrification Squeeze(100 Chakra) 350 life damage. If hits the opponent can no longer attack for the next 2 posts. Can't be blocked. Once per battle
-*Ground Disruption(200 Chakra) 500 life damage.Can't be blocked or dodged. Once per battle
-**Ground Shatter: one Thousand Rock Burstings(200 Chakra) 450 life damage. Multi-hit. Can't be blocked. Blocks one skill on the opponents last post. Not including unavoidables or genjutsu. Once per battle
-**Ground Shatter: One Thousand Earth Spears(250 chakra) 500 life damage. Multi-hit. Unavoidable. Once per battle.
-*Soul Rebuction Technique(400 Chakra) 700 life damage. Multi-hit. Unavoidable. Holds the opponent for one post.Once per battle After this skill is used you can no longer use any of this bloodlines techniques.

*Can only be used if "Right Arm Eye Opening" was used that post
**Can only be used after the user has used "Ground Disruption" and the user must also have used "Right Arm Eye Opening" this post

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