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Post  Yondaime on Sun Nov 02, 2008 6:07 pm

Cherryblossom Artist

Special Effects:All Genjutsu costs 10 less chakra to use if you own this bloodline.

Cherry blossom Artists are shinobi that fight using cherry blossom much like shuriken but with more speed, they are similar to Origami users such as Konan. The original Cherry blossom Artist was a rogue ninja hired by the moon country that was called Karenbana. Cherry blossom Artists have many techniques that they may use, ranging from using the cherry blossom in a fast manner while they rotate, causing them to become sharp as razor blades and swarming like bees to using genjutsu created from the scent of the petals to daze their opponent while they rapidly attack with the petals.

-Cherryblossom Surroundings#1(75 Chakra, Passive) Allows the use of this bloodlines techniques. for the rest of the battle there are cherryblossom petals floating around. Can't be interrupted.
-*Cherryblossom Enclosure(100 Chakra) 150 life damage. Holds the opponent for one post. Can't be blocked with Release. Once per battle
-*Cherryblossom Petal Dance(75 Chakra, Passive) Next Cherryblossom Artist skill you use does 100 more damage. Can't be interrupted. Once per battle
-**Sakura Dance(100 Chakra) Avoids one attack on the opponents last post. Holds the opponent for one post. Once per battle

-*Cherryblossom Surroundings#2(100 Chakra) The opponent cannot escape for the next 4 of his posts. Not even by skills that normally allow him to Escape. Completely uninterruptable. Once per battle.
-*Cherryblossom Kunai Cut(100 + 2 Kunai) 250 life damage. Can't be blocked, dodged, or interrupted. Once per battle
-*Cherryblossom Illusion Disappear(200 Chakra) Avoids Two attacks on the opponents last post. Including Unavoidables and Genjutsu. Once per battle
-*Cherryblossom Tornado Suffocation(175 Chakra) The next Two attacks the opponent uses loses the text "Can't be interrupted." Can't be interrupted. Untill the opponent uses two attacks all your Cherryblossom artist skills do 75 more damage. Once per battle.
-*Sakura Petal Cut(200 Chakra) 400 life damage. Unavoidable. Once per battle

*Can only be used after you have successfully used Cherryblossom Surroundings#1
**Can only be used after you have successfully used Cherryblossom Enclosure

Note: None of these skills work on a person with Mangekyou Sharingan.
Second Note: All holding skills are considered Genjutsu.

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