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Follower of Jashin

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Follower of Jashin

Post  Yondaime on Tue Oct 28, 2008 10:53 pm

Follower of Jashin
4000 ryo + Jounin Rank

Qty: 5

-Immortality(200 Chakra - Passive)When you take 400 or more damage(from yourself or your opponent), you get back 200 Life one the first turn and 100 life for the remaining turns. Lasts for 3 turns, including the turn it was activated. Once per battle.
-Draw Curse Circle (0 chakra) Enables Curse of the Jashin to be used. While the curse is in effect, user may not avoid jutsu, use taijutsu other than Punch and kick, or esp. Can't Interrupt.
*Curse of the Jashin(200 Chakra 200 Life) Curse your opponent. The cursed opponent takes 3/4 of the damage that you take, not including the damage that you take from activating the Curse. If Immortality is activated the opponent still takes full damage, and does not recover. You MUST have done at least 200 life damage to your opponent before you can use this. Curse lasts for 5 turns. Completely Unavoidable. Once per opponent.
**Inflict Pain(200 Life) Does 200 life damage to yourself and your opponent because of the Curse. Opponent takes full damage. Completely unavoidable.
**Summon Spike(250 Charka) Summon Curse Spike. Can't Interrupt
**Curse Spike(XXX Life) Damage yourself and your opponent. 500 damage max.Can't Interrupt. Opponent takes full damage. Twice per battle.
**Deathscythe (300 Chakra) 400 Life Damage, Unavoidable. Once per battle.

**Must have activated Curse.

1. You can only use Hidan moves, or moves of 300 Chakra or less if the Curse is activated.
2. You cannot curse multiple opponents at once.
3. If you avoid a skill or use a taijutsu other than kick or punch while "Draw Circle" is in effect, you must use it again.

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