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Post  Yondaime on Tue Oct 28, 2008 10:56 pm


Ink Clone: Absorbs up to 300 Damage. Once Every 4 Turns -Passive- [Chakra:100

Snake Sketch: Opponent is hit with 50 damage and if Stunned 1 turn -Cant Avoid- [Chakra:75

Bat Sketch: Deals 100 Life Damage and 100 Chakra Damage -Cant Avoid by Clones- [Chakra:100

Hawk Sketch: Opponent can't use ESP techniques as long as Hawk Sketch is alive. Sketch has 300 Life [Chakra:200

Shishi Sketch: Has 500 Life. Deal 100 Damage per Turn to all opponents as long as Shishi is alive. Only one Shishi may be alive at a time [Chakra:200

*Guardian Command: Shishi will take half the damage directed at the user of Illusionary Sketching not including multi-hits and deal an additional 100 Damage to whoever used that technique -Passive- [Chakra:100

*Great Beast Defense: Block 1 Skill and deal 200 Life Damage to the user of that technique [Chakra:150

*Shocking Roar: Multi-hit 150 Chakra Damage. Stop all opponents for 1 Post [Chakra:200

*Razor Claw: 300 Life Damage. Unavoidable. Once per Battle.[Chakra:300

Lucid Ink:Avoid up to 3 Skills, including Unavoidable and Genjutsu. Once per Battle. [Chakra:250

*Requires Shishi Sketch to be alive..

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