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Power Slug

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Power Slug

Post  Yondaime on Tue Oct 28, 2008 11:00 pm

Power Slug Lifetime

Cost: 4500 ryo
Prerequisites: Slug Summon Contract
QTY: 2

*User may decide to own this lifetime AND the Medical Ninja lifetime in exchange for having no bloodlimit.

*All Medical Ninja jutsu will heal 100 extra health when used by this user.

Genin Skills
Chiyute no Jutsu; Health Surge(50 chakra)Passive, Healing Techniques this turn heal 100 extra health on single target. Once per turn.

Illusionary Appearances (75 chakra)Multi-Opponent may only use one less attack targeting you on their next turn then their rank allows; Considered Genjutsu. May be stopped by skills that stop genjutsu.

Chuunin Skills
*Illusionary Extension(25 chakra per turn, passive) If Illusionary Appearances has been used on your last post this skill will have the same effect as Illusionary Appearances, Opponent may pay 25 chakra per turn to nullify the effects of this skill without taking up one of his/her actions.

*Illusionary Attraction(100 chakra)If Illusionary Extensions is in effect it can not be stopped by paying 25 chakra this turn, instead the opponent must pay 250 chakra to nullify its effects this turn, or avoid the effects with a skill that avoids an unavoidable genjutsu. Twice per battle

Special Jounin
Slug Divination(200 chakra) As long as you have a slug summon of any type out on the field they can not be attacked for the next 5 of your opponents turns by anything,but at the same time the slugs may not use any of its skills or block for their owner. Once per battle. Can't interrupt.

**Slug Absorbtion(0 chakra) User absorbs between 0-300 health from one of their slug summons on the field to themselves or an allie. Twice per battle. Can't interrupt.

**Slug Medic(0 chakra)Yourself and all All Allies will gain 300 health and 300 chakra. Once per battle.

**Slug Destruction(500 chakra) All the slug summons you have all the field will self destruct and damage the opponent with damage equal to the combined health of all the summons. Unavoidable, multi-hit, once per battle.

Enternal Power(100 chakra)-passive- 25 chakra per turn to keep active. All Taijutsu will do an additional 200 life-damage and can not be blocked, can't make skills unavoidable.

***Quick Jolt(50 chakra) 500 life-damage. Damage not increased by Enternal Power.(taijutsu)

Jounin Skills
***settle fists(100 chakra) 800 life-damage, damage not increased by Enternal Power. Once per battle. (taijutsu)

***Concentrated Punch(100 chakra) 100 life-damage, stops opponent two posts. Effected by Enternal Power. Can't interrupt, can't block (taijutsu)

***Double Fisted Slam(200 chakra) 600 life-damage, stops opponent one post, unavoidable, taijutsu, once per battle.

Sanin Skills
Final Wind(1000 self damage, 1000 chakra) resurrects fallen allie back into battle with 1000 health. Once per battle. Can't interrupt. Can be used on an allie that has already been resurrected once.

*Requires Illusionary Appearance to be in effect
**Requires Slug Divination to be in effect.
***Requires Enternal Powers to be in effect

NOTE:This Skills Will Be Added To Someone's LT NOT Replaced

Slug Upgrade
Cost: 2000 Ryo + Slug Sage LT + Joinin

-Medical Master (Attribute) User can own Medical Ninja without it counting as a Lifetime slot. However, they lose the ability to use the final stage of their Bloodline.

-Knowledge of Anatomy (Attribute) All Medical skills heal +100 Life for this user.
Slug Monarch (Attribute) While Slug Queen is summoned, all Taijutsu are automatically blocked and Slug Queen gains life equal to 50% of the damage blocked. In addition, the Slug Monarch user will heal 50 Life every round as long as Slug Queen is alive.

-Slug Justice (Attribute) All Slug Summons have twice the normal amount of Health and Chakra they would usually have when Summoned.
Medical Test Results (100 Chakra, Passive) Medical skills will heal +100 Life to one target this turn.

-Slug Division (200 Chakra, Passive) If any Slug Summons are out, they cannot be attacked for 5 Turns, but they can't attack or defend for the summoner. Twice per Battle, Can't Interrupt.

-Slug Absorbtion (Passive) User/Ally gains 100-400 Chakra from a Slug Summon. Three Times per Battle.

-Slug Medication (200 Chakra, Passive) User and all Allies gain 300 Life and 300 Chakra. Once per Battle.

-Slug Destruction (500 Chakra) Multi-hit combined life of all currently summoned Slugs. Unavoidable. Once per Battle. All Slugs die for the rest of the battle.

-Genesis Rebirth (Passive) Gain 200 Life and 100 Chakra every turn. All Taijutsu deal +200 Damage and become Can't Block. Can't make skills Unavoidable. Enables some Slug Monarch techniques. Lasts 5 Rounds. After the first use, Damage and Life/Chakra Gain do not take effect, but skills are still enabled and Taijutsu become Can't Block.

*Knuckle Buster (200 Chakra) 500 Life Damage. Counters one Taijutsu or Interrupts one Ninjutsu technique.

*Final Fist (300 Chakra) 800 Life Damage. Can't Block/Interrupt/Avoid by ESP. Three Times per Battle.

*Crushing Sky Leg (300 Chakra) 700 Life Damage. Stun Opponent 2 Rounds. Can't Interrupt.One per battle

*Rift Fist (400 Chakra) Multi-hit 600 Life Damage. Unavoidable. Once per Battle.

*Final Wind (600 Self-Damage, 500 Chakra) Resurrects one Ally who has died with 1000 Health, including one who has already been resurrected this battle. Can't Interrupt, Once per Battle.

*Requires Genesis Rebirth to be in effect

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