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Serpent Master

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Serpent Master

Post  Yondaime on Tue Oct 28, 2008 11:02 pm

Serpent Master Lifetime

Requirements: Snake Contract, Jounin level or higher, and one of the Shadow snake hand jutsus.
Cost: 5000 ryo
Qty- 3

Owner of this lifetime gains Orochimaru's sword without having the sword lifetime.
You may also buy Soft Physique Modification or Swordsmaster lifetime skills at the cost of not being able to use the highest ranked skills of your bloodline.

This lifetime's Sanjuu Rashoumon replaces the store's triple Rashoumon.

Gennin Skills
Mud Clone(50 chakra)ESP, Holds opponent for one turn.

Chuunin Skills
Sword Concealment(100 chakra)Passive, Your next sword technique becomes unavoidable, Once per battle.

Curse Mark Technique(300 Chakra) This can only be used on an ally or foe. The user of this skill can cast a cursed mark upon another player. The targeted player must still pay half the ryo the curse seal costs. You must pay 2000 ryo each time. If used against the opponent during battle You must pay 4000 ryo and the opponent must not be willing to accept the seal. The curse given to You can never be sold or taken away. When obtaining a cursed seal this way the Juin lvl 2 will automatically active once You receive 400 health or lower.

S.Jounin Skills
Sanjuu;Triple Rashoumon(300 chakra)Blocks all attacks on the field for you and one other person. Includes Unavoidable s.
If user can not block the skill(due to it being Completely unavoidable) then you may reduce the amount of damage it deals by 300. Twice per battle, can not be used twice on the same turn.

Jounin Skills
Hidden Snake Form(100 chakra) Gain 350 health and 250 chakra. Everyone besides the user takes 25 incurable poison damage for ten turns, Does not effect other Serpent Master users. Can not interrupt or negate by anything. Only Hidden Snake Form skills may be used during this time. Once per battle. Can only be used on or after your 3rd turn.

*White Scales(0 chakra)Passive, Heals two people on the field 300 health. Not including yourself. Once per battle.

*Snake Charmer(150 chakra)Choose to block, interrupt, or avoid a ninjutsu, taijutsu, or even a genjutsu.

*Snake Charge(100 chakra) 300 damage, 100 poison damage next turn. Multi hit, can't interrupt.

*Snake Split(150 chakra) 200 damage multi hit, 100 poison damage for 2 turns. Multi hit, can't interrupt or block. If avoided opponent takes 50 poison damage for 3 turns. Twice per battle.

*Constrict(200 chakra)50 damage,Hold opponent for one turn, Can only be used after snake split. Twice per battle. Unavoidable.

*Molt Skin(200 chakra) Avoid an unavoidable jutsu, including genjutsu. Twice per battle.

*Human Form(100 chakra) Passive, releases the effects of Hidden Snake form.

Sannin Skills
Immortal Soul(150 chakra)You can use this once you die. Absorbs 100 health from each person on the field. You are revived with all the health absorbed. Can not be stopped in anyway. Counts as reviving.

*Requires hidden snake form to be active.

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