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Toad Sage

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Toad Sage

Post  Yondaime on Tue Oct 28, 2008 11:08 pm

Cost:2000 + jounin rank

Toad Hermit (Attribute) All Toad Summons have twice the normal amount of Health and Chakra they would usually have when Summoned.
Toad Oil Stream (100 Chakra, Passive) All Katon/Fire Techniques will deal +200 Life Damage on one opponent for 5 Turns.
Hari Jizô (100 Chakra) Block any Taijutsu or Ninjutsu from all posts. Deal 100 Damage to anyone who used Taijutsu. Can't Block/Interrupt.
Hari Jizô Prison (50 Chakra, Passive) Capture Opponent 1 Turn. Can't Block/Avoid by ESP. Can only be used when Hari Jizô is being used.
Hari Jizô Pulse (200 Chakra) Multi-hit 450 Life Damage. Can't Block/Interrupt/Avoid. Only while Hari Jizô is being used.
Sage Mode (Passive) Gain 400 Chakra. All skills require 50% of their normal Chakra while Sage Mode is active. All skills deal +100 Life Damage while Sage Mode is active. Requires 50 Chakra each Turn to keep active. Once per battle.
*Summon Elder Frogs (200 Chakra) Summons 2 Frogs with 500/500 Life/Chakra. Multi-hits only hit one frog. Can't Interrupt.
*Tongue Sense (100 Chakra, Passive) Negate any skill that allows the user to "hide" or "camoflage" themselves and hold them for 1 Turn. Can't be Interrupted/Avoided
*Senjutsu: Deep Fryer (200 Chakra) Multi-hit 450 Life Damage. Can't Block/Interrupt.
*Senjutsu: Needle Rain (200 Chakra) Multi-hit 400 Life Damage. Paralyze all Opponents for 1 Turn. Can't block/Interrupt.
*Senjutsu: Holy Barrier (250 Chakra) Block all Attacks, Including Unavoidable, for you and two allies/summons. If Swords or Taijutsu are blocked, deal 300 Damage to the user(s) of those skills. Twice per Battle.
**Frog Concert (100 Chakra) Multi-hit 100 Life Damage. Stop all opponents for 1 Turn. Costs +50 to Release. Genjutsu.
**True Hell: Forest Nocturne (250 Chakra) 100 Self-Damage. Multi-hit 550 Life Damage. Stop all Opponents for 3 Turns. Unavoidable. Only deals 400 Damage and Stops for 2 Turns if one Elder Frog is alive. Once per Battle.
*Divine Rasengan (400 Chakra) 800 Life Damage. Opponent takes 50 Chakra Damage every Turn for 5 Turns, whether this is successful or not. Unavoidable. Once per Battle.

*Requires Sage Mode
**Requires Elder Frogs

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