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Wind/Fan Ninja

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Wind/Fan Ninja

Post  Yondaime on Tue Oct 28, 2008 11:09 pm

Wind/Fan Ninja


Genin Skills:

-Wind Tornado(50 Chakra) 100 life damage. Multi-hit. Twice per battle
-Scythe Release(150 Chakra) 350 life damage. Can't be blocked.
-Wind Thrust(100 Chakra) 200 life damage. Can't be avoided.
-Wind Lance(100 Chakra) 250 life damage. Can't be interrupted.
-Increase Wind Mass(100 Chakra) If used in a traveling area the opponent must post an extra 25 times to finish his/her traveling. All Wind/Temari fighting style skills now do an extra 50 damage for the next 5 posts. Can't be interrupted. Once per battle

Chuunin Skills:

-Giant Fan Slam(100 Chakra) 250 life damage. Can't be blocked or interrupted. Twice per battle.
-Wind Movement(50 Chakra) Blocks all thrown items on the opponents last post. Excluding Exploding tags. Continues to block all thrown items even oh his/her next post. Twice per battle.
-Wind Hurricane(200 Chakra) 400 life damage. Can't be blocked, dodged, or interrupted. Once per battle.
-Wind Charge(XXX Chakra) pay an XXX amount of chakra, for each chakra you pay your damage of one wind skill Gains that much attack. Can't be interrupted. (Max Chakra: 700) Once per battle

Jounin Skills:

-Fan Ride(250 Chakra) You and one ally avoids all attacks on the opponents last post. Even Multi-hits. and Unavoidables. Not Genjutsus. Can only be used once per battle.
-Wind Cage(100 Chakra) Captures the opponent. Can't be blocked or interrupted. Once per battle
-Wind Imprisonment(150 Chakra) Inprisons the opponent. Cannot be avoided. Twice per battle
-Wind Technique: Wind Pause(150 Chakra) Pauses all wind movement, Making the opponent unable to take in air. If hits the opponent Can only use one attack next post. Unavoidable. Once per battle.
-Fan Slam (150 chakra) 200 life damage and opponent stop one post, can't block.
-Fusajin (50 charka)Interupt single person's skill 150 life damage, multihit, can't interrupt.
-Chi no Hoshi (1 Star/Wind Creation, Tornado) (50 chakra) Blocks all throwing items thrown at the user. 100 multi-hit damage. Can't interrupt
-Ni no Hoshi (2 Star/Wind Guard) (100 chakra) Increase all wind attacks by 50 life damage for the rest of the battle. Reflects all throwing items back at the opponent. 300 multi-hit life damage. The first effect can only be used once per battle. Can't interrupt.
-Kamaitachi (3 Star/Sickling Wind) (200 chakra) Wind techniques now do an additional 100 life damage and the opponent's taijutsu will do 100 less damage against you. Once per battle.
-*Zephyr (300 Chakra) X * 100 multi-hit damage to the opponent, where X is the total number of wind techniques used during the battle. Hold opponent for 1 post. Unavoidable. Once per battle.
-Wind Storm (225 chakra) 400 life damage multi hit, Unavoidable can only be used twice per battle. Interrupt genjutsu, including unavoidable genjutsu.
-Fan Glide(400 chakra)Avoid two unavoidable skills for yourself and one other person. Once per battle. All avoidable skills your opponent uses next turn are auto-avoided for you and the person you avoided for.

*Can only be used if 3 Stars has been activated.

Owners of this lifetime may own 1 fan of their choice bought from the store or they can create their own custom fan.

Custom Fan
Cost: 1000 Ryo + 500 Ryo per move

-Max number of moves: 7
-Only 1 unavoidable and no avoid unavoidables.
-1 Passive
-All of the fan techniques are considered to be wind techniques.

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