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God's Paper Angel

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God's Paper Angel

Post  Yondaime on Tue Oct 28, 2008 11:10 pm

Cost:3000 Ryo

-Self Origami Transformation (200chakra) Enables all rigami attacks for the rest of the battle. All jutsu do 50 less damage to you for the rest of the battle. But all suiton jutsu do an extra 50 damage. Cant interrupt, once per battle.

-Butterflie Infultration (50 chakra) Your opponents next jutsu does 75 less damage to you. Cant interrupt.

-Paper Spears of Destruction (125 chakra) 300 life damage Cant avoid or interrupt. (Unavoidable is used after Paper Agnel Wings)

-Paper Dart Bombardment (200 chakra) 400 life damage, Multi-Hit, Unavoidable. Once per battle. (Completely Unavoidable is used after Paper Angel Wings)

-Paper Angel Wings (200 chaka) Avoid all of the attacks from your opponents last turn, even unavoidables but not water jutsu, If your hit by a water jutsu using this you may only use one attack during your next turn but it cannot be from this life time. Also all of your attacks that are used during the turn you use this jutsu do an extra 100 life damage. Twice per battle. Cant interrupt.

-Body Dispersion (400 chakra) Use this jutsu during your travel topic and your immediatly transported to the destination of your wishes. Cant interrupt. Must wait 2 days after each use to use again.

-Paper Steel (100 chakra) Reduces all damage from opponents last post by 300. (Does not include damage from water jutsu) Twice per battle.


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