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Post  Yondaime on Tue Oct 28, 2008 10:40 pm

Fighting Handbook Version YX

♦ Lifetimes & Bloodlines:
A. You can only have one of each
B. You can choose not to have a bloodline and have 2 lifetimes.
C. You must roll for your bloodline.

♦ Turns:
A. Gennins, Chunnins: 2 Skills Per Turn
Sp. Jounins: 2 Attacks and 1 Completely Non-Offensive Per Turn
Jounins and higher: 3 Skills (Anything) per Turn
B. Only 2 skills per turn if opponent is stopped, captured, or confused.
C. One Cursed Seal or Demon level up per turn.

♦ Labeling:
A. Please label your HP/Chakra at the bottom of each post during a Battle. Ex: 1800/2000
B. Whenever you stop the opponent for more than 1 post, please label how many posts the opponent is held.
C. If you use a skill that requires a chakra cost per post(s) (such as Sharingan/Byugakan), you can label your posts just in case you forget about paying.

♦ Quoting & Escaping
A. If you are attacking a Person, please quote that person, so he/she knows you are attacking him/her.
B. If you escape a topic you may not post again within the next ten minutes or your previous escape will be canceled. Also if you post 2 escapes in a topic simultaneously in a row then both escapes will be canceled.
C. If you get attacked, and you escape, the opponent can use a Stopping technique or a Capturing Technique to Stop your Escape, so don't leave the topic just yet after you escape. The stopping skill must be used within 2 minutes of the escape.
D. You must have over 50 chakra to escape from a battle.

♦ Traits | Passive Skills
A. All traits are passive and they don't take up any Chakra, also you may only have 1 of each trait. Unless stated otherwise.
B. Traits can't be interrupted, and can be used whenever available. They are always useable, countless of what happens (Stopped, Captured wise).
C. Only 3 Passive/Trait skills can be used per turn.
D. Passives can’t do damage directly. Direct damage example: Sand Coffin –Passive- 200 damage.

♦ Item Info:
A. The things your throwing items are held in are weapon pouchs. The amount of throwing weapons you have in there is obviously, the amount you can throw. No matter what sort of pouch you have though, if you have shadow shurikens, they will always be 3 QTY in your pouch (Unless stated otherwise).

♦ Player Jumping

A. If the Opponent doesn't respond in 10 Minutes the Attacker may attack again.
B. For every Shinobi being PJed, you may have 2x the Number of Shinobi. Ex: 2 Shinobi are Jumped, up to 4 can attack them.
C. If there are more than 2x Shinobi attacking the opponent, the kill will then be counted Invalid.
D. If someone goes twice and hasn't followed the 10 Minute rule, the second attack will be considered invalid. Though if your opponent has quoted your attack and defended/attacked back to anyone before the 10 minutes you may attack again.

Note: If you used a multi-hit on more then one person. They ALL must respond to your attack for you to go again within the 10 minutes

E. The opponent must escape to leave the PJ. You may not escape if held, captured, confused, or stopped in any way.

♦ Death Matches
A. When in a Death match, you have 20 Minutes to conduct your move. If you don't conduct your move in the matter of 20 Minutes, your opponent may attack you again while you take the damage/effects from the turn you didn't respond to in the 20 Minutes.
B. In a Death match only the Fighters may be killed, any by standers of the match may not be harmed while the match is taking place. Bystanders may not attack, as well.
C. You may have your own specific Death Match rules, such as Adjusting Time, removing time, and etc. Remember, if both players don’t accept the Death Match, they were never played on.
D. While in a Death match the fighters may not leave Travel, conduct PJs, or participate in other fights.

♦ Clones & Substitutes
A. Clones can't be interrupted & they can't avoid Multi-hits, Can't avoid techniques, and Genjutsus.
B. Substitutions are the same as Clones, so they can't avoid Multi-hits, Can't avoid techniques, and Genjutsus.
D. All -esp- skills will count as a clone/substitute
E. Damage from Clones/Substations are counted as Ninjutsu.
F. If you use a clone on an Interruption, you still get interrupted, but the damage from the interruption is avoided.

♦ Interruption Techniques:
A. Interruption Jutsus stop the opponent’s attack without the opponent losing his turn.
B. One Interruption can't interrupt another.
C. Interruption Jutsus can't be used as an Offensive Attacks, only defensive.
D. When a Technique is interrupted the person that got interrupted only loses half of the chakra from techniques, the chakra lost is rounded to 5's or 0's.
E. You get the Modified cost back.
E. Interruption skills may not interrupt defensive techniques, such as those that block, avoid, or interrupt. Though they may interrupt power up techniques.

♦ Capture/Confusing Techniques:
A. Confuse Skills confuse the opponent, the opponent can still defend during the turns he is confused. The Opponent can't attack while Confused.
B. Capture Techniques are used to capture the opponent, during the time that the opponent is captured, he/she can't avoid/Interrupt/block any attacks, or Escape from battle.

♦ Prevent/Stop Techniques:
A. Stopping Techniques Cause your opponent to completely stop their next post if successfully hit.
B.Passive Techniques, can be used while your stopped.
C. Can't post two Stopping techniques in a Row, or Holding, Preventing, Etc.
D. While you can use a Genjutsu hold followed by a Ninjutsu Hold, it is legal. Or either one followed by a taijutsu hold.
E. When you are Stopped/Prevented from finishing your techniques, you don’t lose any chakra that you were going to use. Techniques that take chakra per turn (Or two turns) still take chakra when you are stopped/prevented.

♦ Genjutsu:
A. Can only be negated by techniques that say they negate Genjutsu, same goes for interrupting Genjutsu and Escaping from Genjutsu.
B. Can't be blocked by any type of shield, except the ones that specify it.
C. Using Two "holding/capturing" Genjutsu in a row is illegal.
D. When your opponent uses a Genjutsu, and the cost is reduced, you use the Natural Cost of the Jutsu when you avoid it (IE with Inflict Pain or Release).

♦ Summons:
A. They can take hits for the user, without the use of Chakra.
B. They can’t attack the turn they are summoned.
C. Attacks of the Summon take up the User's Attacks, but use their own Chakra.
D. Summons can block Unavoidables for you but not C.unavoidables or multi-hits.
E. Cannot be interrupted.

♦ Reflections:
A. The moves you send are offensive and when you escape the defensive part of the reflection still stands.

♦ Puppets:
A. Summoning your puppet can’t be interrupted.
B. ONE of your puppets is always auto-summoned when a battle starts (you decide).
C. You must summon a puppet to use it.
D. Don’t forget to label the turns that your puppet has been out, so that the opponent knows you got to pay chakra.
E. Puppets take up your attacks.

♦ Swords:
A. You can only carry around 3 Swords at a time.
B. They can be interrupted.
C. You may only use 1 Sword at a time.

♦ Needle Mastery
A. Requires a Needle Pouch to use.

♦ Sharingan:
A. Opponents with any form of Sharingan are unaffected by Shadow Warp and Tsukiyomi.
B. You may use one Mangekyo Sharingan Skill per post, and only one of those Skills every three turns.
C. Activating the Sharingan doesn’t count towards the rule above. (Letter C).
Things you can copy with the Sharingan:

Things that can't be copied with the Sharingan:
Fighting Styles
Hot Blooded Taijutsus
Chakra Elements

♦ Inuzuka:
A. The Dog Summons can't be hit by Items.

♦ Akamichi Special Pills:
A. They must be taken in order, Green pill - Houren-gan pill. Yellow pill - Curry pill. Red pill - Pepper pill. They can only be used one time each battle.

♦ Dieing | Reviving:
A. You may only revive yourself from death one time each battle.
B. Another person may revive you if you die. If you already died in the battle, and you revived yourself, this person can still revive you again.
C. After you die, you have the choice to start over with a Build from your previous Character, or choose to go to hell and find a way out of hell. The build will be a choice between your Bloodline, Lifetime, or an extra 100 Life and Chakra when starting out as a Fresh Gennin. This Option is only available to Jounins or Higher.

♦ Blood Points (BP)
A. After killing an Opponent, you may receive: Ryo, Blood Points, or Job Points. You receive all the persons Ryo, but have an option to gain Blood Points, or Job Points.

~Bloodpoints Chart~
Gennin - 10 BP
Chunnin - 20 BP
S. Jounin - 40 BP
Jounin - 80 BP
Sannin - 100 BP
Kage - 200 BP
Elder - 200 BP
Demon - 500 BP

♦ Customs:
A. Customs Chart~ What you can make
2 Custom Items
1 Custom Weapon (Only available to Sword Master & Puppet Master)
1 Custom Armor (Only available if you haven’t made a Custom Item)
1 Custom Jutsu Set
1 Custom Bloodline (Only Available if you haven’t made a Custom Lifetime)
1 Custom Lifetime (Only Available if you haven’t made a Custom Bloodline)
B. Appealed Customs
1. You cannot use your custom while it is appealed
2. If your custom is appealed you need approvals from two mods and Admins to use it again.
3. Posting in another's Appeal thread could get you banned, and you're rude in your thread it will be closed for a day.

♦ Regenerating your Life/Chakra:
A. If you escape a topic without your max health, your regeneration sequence begins. If you enter the topic before twenty minutes is up your health is the same as when you left, if you enter the topic again after twenty minutes has passed you have full health again.

♦ Captive System:
A. Captives can die just like any other players.
B. Captives can travel if they have their Captor's approval.
C. The Captor must post a topic with a list of what his Captive(s) can do.
D. If your Boss doesn't post in at least a week you will be released. If your boss gives you away to someone then it is their responsibility to post or else you are released to run.

♦ Kages:
A. Upon death they have 3 days to get revived, if 3 days pass and he is still dead he is then stripped of his Kage rank and his Assistant gains the rank of kage if he/she wishes. If the Assistant doesn’t wish to have the rank then the ANBU leader gains the rank.
B. Can't be Kage of a village unless they are inside of that village (Along with stats in that village also).
C. Has the right to choose the ANBU Password and ANBU teams.

♦ Captured Villages;
A. Needs a representative inside the village at all times, or else the village is released.
B. Must have the "Owned by: Image/Village or Group" in the Sub-forum description.
C. Shinobi in this Village cannot travel without permission, or they will become Rouge upon traveling.
D. The Village cannot appoint a Kage themselves, the Owner must appoint a Kage after they capture the village.

♦ Resisting against Village Owners
In order to resist you must kill the representative of the owner of the Village. After the Representative is murdered the Village can appoint a Kage and the Owner of the village that Captured the Village is kicked out. So it is recommended to Dictators of Villages to give the Representatives bodyguards!!

♦ Destroyed Villages:
A. Requires 15,000 Ryou to be rebuilt.
B. A Destoryed Village can't do any Missions.
C. Has "Destoryed, Charges: 15,000 Ryou" put in the Description of the Forum.
D. Can't Habor Shinobi.

Elder Techniques - Elder may choose One.
Revival (User's Life) Revive a Shinobi with the cost of your life. You will be forced to post half your usual posts in Heaven.

Redemption (After Death) Give a Shinobi extra Chakra (300 Chakra) for the edge of the Battle. The extra Chakra (300 Chakra) can push the Reciever's Chakra above his Max Chakra. Can only be used if you die in a battle, and can only be used in that battle.

Deadman's Last Blow (All your Chakra) Turn all your remaining Chakra into one hit against the person who killed you. All your Chakra then turns into Damage against your opponent. Can't Avoid, Can't Interrupt, Can't Block, Can't block with Unavoidable Blockers, Ninjutsu.

♦Targeting Rules:
A.Multi-Hits-If you play a multi-hit but don't target it, its tageted twoards everyone.
B. Singular Hits-If you play a singular hit jutsu but don't taget it then it has no effect.
C. These rules apply to Items.
D. How to target. You can target skills by quoting someone, by saying who you target in your move, or by quoting your post and saying. If you have to quote your post then it MUST be done before someone else makes a move. That includes people on your team.

A. Organizations cannot own Villages.
B. Akatsuki is counted as an Org.
C. Orgs CAN participate in burns and warfare.
D. there can only be two Custom Organizations at a time.

Rule A. wouldn't apply to the already captured Villages.

♦Restore and Gain:
A. When you use a skill that has gain, you GAIN, with Restore, you RESTORE.

EX. 1
Player A is on full and his max is 1000/1000

Player A-Hero Water, gain 500/500.


EX. 2
Player B has 800/1600 out of 900/1700.

Player B: Soldier Pills, Restore 200/200



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