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Wars and Village Info

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Wars and Village Info

Post  Yondaime on Tue Oct 28, 2008 10:42 pm

Types of Wars:

Must leave a warning in the village center and academy(only needs to be up for 2 hours before raiding rules go into effect)
It is also necassary to inform the village kage with a Personal message.
In the warning you need to tell who is raiding with you, whether its specific people or allie villages
MAX 3 VILLAGES or 12 Shinobi

Star and Cloud will be raiding Leaf village.
Yoex and Eikel are raiding leaf village

During a Raid you may die in ANY part of the village, including the academy and any ranked mission.

During a Raid the only ones able to kill that are not on the warning list are akatsuki members and rogues.

The Raiders can be attacked by anyone where everyone else may only be attacked by the Raiders, akatsuki, and rogues.

Once anyone wants to escape at anytime(of the village being raided) they need 10 posts IN A ROW saying "retreats" If they can do that for 10 posts without being stopped, the shinobi who posted may escape from the thread.

The raid ends when either the attackers announce they retreat or you kill half of the attackers

Lasts for 7 days.


Destroying a Village:

First you MUST post a warning in the village Centre AND academy. With the warning include the ones assisting in it.
A MAX of 6 people and a MIN of 2 people.(warning must stay up for 24 hours to before burning)

After leaving the warning you MUST pm the leader announcing you're burning and include the link

To officially burn the village to the ground you must make a thread labled "Buring" in the village academy. The burners need to post 1500 times in the thread to officially burn the village

If at any time within the 1500 posts all burners have left the thread (either not posting for 10 minutes or escaping) the burn is a failure.

During a burn anyone may die in any part of the village

Finally if the burn is successful the burners will have thier choice of taking control of the village or abandoning it until 15000 ryo has been paid to rebuild it by village members.

When the village is abondoned after a succesful burning nobody will be able to post in any part of the village exept the center.


With a war a 4-4 battle must commence or 4 1-1 battles (with different shinobi)

Winner of the 4-4 battle wins the war and has the option to take over the village. Only Village Leaders may announce war.

War may also end if village leader surrenders/dies

After taking over a village you may

May assign a new kage of your choice

may do missions in the village and get the HQ PW

the leader of the losing village must leave thier village(if still alive) and the villagers can leave or stay considering what the new leadership requests

Liberation Mission:

Much like a raid you must give fair warning to the village/group/ect oppressing your village that u will be liberating your village

Example) Leaf will be attempting liberation mission to free the village from your control.

Once giving warning to the operessing village/group/ect, they cannot place any orders on the village untill the mission is failed or called off.

To proform a liberation mission you must make a thread somewhere in the village where it can be seen and post 1500 times in the thread. You can be attacked during the mission and it can only be classed as "failed" when all the members liberating are dead or have escaped.

If the mission is sucessful then the oppressing village/group/ect will no longer have power over the village.

Any number of shinobi from the village may help and others may as well but the must be specified in advance and included in the warning.


Coup D’état:

A coup d’état (also coup) (pronounced /kuːdeɪˈtɑː/ AHD: [ko͞o"dā tä]) is the sudden overthrow of a government by a part of the state establishment — usually the military — to replace the branch of the stricken government, either with another civil government or with a military government.

The ANBU Leader and the ANBU members may attack and take over the village. The Leader will post up a warning in the Academy and the Kage's Office entitled "Coup." He must also PM the Kage and Assistant Kage. During the coup, which last for seven days or until one side concedes, the village is raided by the ANBU. ANBU members may attack anywhere in the village(not the stats area). They may also be attacked anywhere when they are attacking.
Council members, Elders, Half Breeds and the Kages may attack the ANBU members anywhere. Other villagers may only attack in the ares where they can attack normally unless they are defending a villager.
If the Kage dies during the coup it is successful. The Kage may die in a PJ(traveling area too) or a DM. If the Kage abandons the village the coup is successful.
If the coup is successful then the Assistant ANBU Leader becomes the Assistant Kage and a new Assistant ANBU Leader may not be appointed. The ANBU Leader is the new leader of the village. He will gain the bonuses that a Kage has but he will be called the Village Leader, not the village Kage.
If the Village Leader is killed in office he loses his position and is kicked from the village. The Assistant Kage and the rest of the ANBU who participated in the coup are also kicked. The village or the Staff will appoint a new Kage. The traitors may not rejoin that village for one week.
If the coup is unsuccessful the ANBU Leader and his assistant are kicked from the village for a week. The Kage decides what to do with the remaining ANBU.
Other villages may not interfere during a coup.


This type of warfare pits the villagers against the village officials(council members, Kages, ANBU). The villagers are unhappy with how the village is being run and they revolt. At least five villagers must be involved. During the revolt anyone may be killed anywhere. Each villager must declare his loyalty to a faction to be able to participate. Other villages may choose a faction and send their own troops to aid that group. Rouges may attack anyone. The most ninja that a village may send is five. Only two other villages may get involved. The revolt is when at least four of either side is killed, the revolt is called off, or an agreement is reached.
The villagers must choose a leader from their group. This leader may call off the Revolt at any time.
Four of either side die: If the four are revolters then all revolters are kicked from the village for one week. If the four are officials then the revoleters win and they will set up a new village order. They may even appoint new elders without those villagers having met the elder requirements. Only three elders may be appointed this way.
The revolt is called off: The Kage will decide what to do with the revolters.
An agreement: The villagers and the village officials start a thread in the village academy and talk it out. No one may be attacked at all in the village during this time. Missions may not be done during this time.

Challenging the Kage:

If a villager thinks he or she would do a better job as the Kage of the village he or she may challenge the Kage to a spar or a death match for the title. The Kage may not refuse. If the challenger wins he or she is made the Kage. If he or she loses he or she is kicked form the village for one week.

If at least 40% of the villages(includes officials) want to leave and create their own village they may. The new villages will be one of these:
Smoke, grass,Stone, Waterfall, Snow, Dragonfly, other ones that we had???

Removing the Kage:
The village council may ask the Kage to step down either for a new Kage or for the village council to lead the village. If the Kage refuses the villagers may choose who they want to lead by voting in a poll. If the score is even or less than ten people vote the Kage may choose three villagers to aid him and the Assistant Kage in a 5 on 5 death match against the council. Winner gets the village and decides what to do with the other group.

Removing the Village Council:
The Kage may the council to leave or may attack them in a 7 on 7 death match. The Kage will choose five villagers to aid him and his Assistant Kage. If the council steps down they may be elders or go back to their previous village positions. If the council loses the fight they are out of the village for a week. If the council wins the council gains control of the village.

Village Councils:

Village Councils are made up of five trusted village members. Elders are automatically on the council. The council consists of seven members plus and Demon Slayers in the village. The Kage must consult the council on warfare and alliances. The council gets a chamber room and does not have to share the password with the Kage, though it is advised. The council is on equal standing with the ANBU Leader, who is an adviser to the Kage.
If one member of the council disagrees with the Kage's decision on warfare or alliance the council will take a vote to decide. The council can overrule a Kage's decision on war, or alliances.

Advisers to the Kage:

The village council may appoint to advisers to Kage. The ANBU Leader is automatically considered a village adviser. The Kage will take advice from his advisers. The Kage MUST tell his advisers his war plans and other plans for the village. The advisers will report to the council or to the ANBU on what the Kage has decided to do on such matters. They may not withhold information from the council, but the ANBU Leader does not have to tell the ANBU except for the Assistant ANBU Leader. The Assistant ANBU Leader may not tell the ANBU members unless it is allowed by the ANBU Leader or ordered by the Kage.

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