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Water Chakra Nature

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Water Chakra Nature

Post  Yondaime on Wed Oct 29, 2008 8:52 am

When you channel your chakra into the card, it is instantly soaked. You are a Water Specialist!!!

All Suiton techniques deal 50 extra damage, and all Doton techniques deal 50 less damage. Doesn't include Chakra Nature techniques.

Strong against Fire

Weak against Earth
Requirements: 2000 ryo
Cleansing Water (100 Chakra) Restore 100 Life to self/ally. Can't interrupt.
Puddle (100 Chakra) 100 Life Damage. Capture opponent for 1 post. Can't block, can't interrupt.
Chakra Reservoir (XXX Chakra) Store XXX amount of chakra (max: 100). Every turn for 4 turns, you gain 25 Chakra onto that total. When you stop gaining chakra, You gain the total stored +50. If Interrupted, you do not lose chakra.
Rain (100 Chakra) Gain 50 Life for 4 turns. If interrupted, you do not lose Chakra. Twice per battle.
Water Dragon (150 Chakra) Absorb 200 Life from opponent. Can't block, can't interrupt.

Requirements: Basic Level + 4000 ryo
Cleansing Stream (150 Chakra) Restore 50 Life to self/ally for 3 turns. Can't interrupt. Twice per battle.
Life Reservoir (XXX Life) Store XXX amount of Life (Max: 200). Every turn for 4 turns, you gain 25 life onto that total. When you stop gaining life, you gain the total stored +100. If interrupted, you do not lose life. Twice per battle.
Lake (150 Chakra) Multi-hit 100 Life Damage. Capture all opponents for 1 post. Can't avoid, can't block.
Downpour (150 Life) Gain 50 Chakra for 4 turns. If interrupted, you do not lose Life. Twice per battle.
Gushing Water (150 Life) Multi-Drain 200 Chakra. Can't block, can't interrupt. Once per battle.

Requirements: Advanced Level + 8000 ryo
Fountain of Youth (300 Life) Regain 300 Chakra. Completely uninterruptible. Once per battle.
Yggdrasill (150 Chakra) Regain 300 Life. Completely uninterruptible. Once per battle.
Ocean (250 Chakra) Multi-hit 150 Life Damage. Capture all opponent's 1 post. Unavoidable. Once per battle.
Cleansing Pond (200 Chakra) Restore 200 Life to all allies and 100 to self. If interrupted, no chakra is lost and all allies gain 100 Life. Twice per battle.

Water Element Chakra Nature Item Creation (each Ability costs 25000 ryo and 2000 posts)

-Ruby of Arena (4000 ryo and 1000 posts in Ruby of arena creation topic) You can sell this for any price you want. Provides Water attribute to any Skill… Example – if applied to this skill “Omote Renge; Front Lotus (50 chakra, 50 life) 200 life damage, can’t be interrupted” it would be considered a Water skill (only 3 in inventory at same time)

-*Crystal Armor (requires 3 Rubies) add 400 extra chakra to your status. Your armor can’t be broken.
-*Crystal Sword (requires 3 Rubies) add 200 extra bonus damage to every attack. Sword can’t be broken.

*You can pick only 1, either armor or sword. Effects stack.

Water Element Chakra Nature for Hot-Blooded people

Basic Level (1500 Ryo)

- Water Nature (150 chakra) For the next 5 turns if you get hit you regain 50 life, can't interrupt, Twice per battle.

- Water Release (100 chakra) gain 100 life, can't interrupt, three times per battle, 3rd time used this costs 0 chakra.

- Water Fist (150) 200 damage, multi-hit, blocks all throwing items in your opponent last post, can't interrupt

-Mist Shroud (100 chakra) -ESP-, Confuse Opponent 1 Post.

-Deluge of Fists (200 chakra) 400 damage, Multihit, can't be interrupted.

Advanced Level (3000 ryo)

- Meditation (200 life) gain 400 chakra, can't interrupt - once per battle -

- Inner Pulse (250 Chakra) regain 500 life, can’t be interrupted *Once per battle*

- Water Resistance (250 chakra) All opponent's skills damage is reduced by 200 for the rest of the battle. Once per battle

-Flooding Leg Sweep (75 chakra) Deal 100 chakra damage and interrupt opponent's attack.

Enkaiken (300 chakra) 200 Damage, Can't Avoid, Capture Opponent.

Mastery Level (6000 ryo)

- Water spinning Kick (150 damage) 400 multi-hit, hold opponent 1 post

- Holy Water (300 chakra) Release from any capturing/holding technique (can be used against shadow warp and unavoidable genjutsu), can't interrupt - two times per battle

-Tempest of Hands (400 chakra) 700 Damage, Unavoidable. Once per battle.

- Tsunami (300 chakra) 300 multi-hit damage and interrupts all opponent's techniques, including unavoidable moves and genjutsu, can't interrupt - once per battle -

Item Creation: Wrist Band of Calming (2000 Ryo+2000 Post Topic or 10 Successful Spar Wins with Mastery Level)

Wrist Band of Calming-User Gains 25 health or Chakra every turn.

*All skills are considered taijutsu
*For each element you posses you deal 50 more damage with taijutsu
*Elemental ninjutsu that are from the same type of chakra nature does 100 less damage on you

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