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Wind Chakra Nature

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Wind Chakra Nature

Post  Yondaime on Wed Oct 29, 2008 8:53 am

When you channel your chakra into the card, it splits in half. You are a Wind Specialist!!!

All Fuuton techniques deal 50 extra damage, and all Katon techniques deal 50 less damage. Doesn't include Chakra Nature techniques.

Weak against Fire

Strong against Lightning
Requirements: 2000 ryo
Wind Blade (50 Chakra) 100 Life Damage. Can't block, can't interrupt.
Tearing Winds (150 Chakra) One jutsu of your choice becomes a Fuuton jutsu, and does 125 more damage. Twice per battle.
Extend Wind Blade (200 Chakra) Your next wind blade move gains the text 'Can't Avoid' and an additional 200 damage. Twice per battle. Can't interrupt.
Wind Summoning (150 Chakra) Summon has 300/300. Summon increases damage all Fuuton techniques deal by 100 and makes them "Can't Block" while it is still alive. Can't interrupt. Once per battle.
Lesser Gust (25 Chakra) Interrupt an opponent's Taijutsu.

Requirements: Basic Level + 4000 ryo
Advanced Wind Blade (100 Chakra) 200 Life Damage. Can't block, can't interrupt.
Gale (150 Chakra) Multi-hit 200 Life Damage. Can't block, can't avoid.
Hurricane (100 Chakra) Next Wind technique deals +100 Damage and prevents the opponent from using Taijutsu during their next post. Can't interrupt.
Howling Winds (100 Chakra) Next Wind technique confuses opponent for 1 post. Can't interrupt. Twice per battle.
Gust (50 Chakra) 50 Life Damage. Interrupt an opponent's Taijutsu.

Requirements: Advanced Level + 8000 ryo
Mastered Wind Blade (200 Chakra) 400 Life Damage. Unavoidable. Once per battle.
Advanced Gale (200 Chakra) Multi-hit 300 Life Damage. Can't avoid, can't interrupt.
Tornado (150 Chakra) Next Wind technique deals +100 Damage and becomes "Can't Block, Can't Interrupt". Can't interrupt. Twice per battle.
Wind Stream (100 Chakra) Stop opponent for 2 posts. While they are stopped, all Wind techniques deal +100 Damage. Can't interrupt, can't block. Twice per battle.

-Sapphire of Everlight (each Ability costs 4000 ryo and 1000 posts) You can sell this for any price you want. Provides Wind attribute to any Skill… Example – if applied to this skill “Omote Renge; Front Lotus (50 charka, 50 life) 200 life damage, can’t be interrupted” it would be considered a Wind skill (only 3 in inventory at same time)

-Wind Vortex (requires 3 Sapphires) All Damage to you reduced by 200 (static)

Wind Chakra Elements for Hotblooded People

Basic Level (1500 Ryo)

- Air Shield (100 chakra, passive) Reflects all throwing weapons back to the opponent. Not including Exploding tags.

- Tornado Fist (150 chakra) 200 life damage, multi-hit, can't interrupt or block (If avoided opponent(s) still take half of the original damage). 3 times per battle

- Aerodynamic (150 chakra) You automatically avoid all "clone can avoid" skills for the remainder of the battle., Can't interrupt.

-Create Air Current (100 chakra, passive) if you use the same Taijutsu three times in a row, it counts as a Wind Technique for the rest of the battle and costs 50 less chakra. Cannot cost less than 0 Chakra.

Cumulus Stance (100 chakra, Passive) Every turn user doesn't use a jutsu (Including passive skills, traits, and moves that don't take up skills), they gain either 100 life or 100 chakra. Stays active for whole battle.

Advanced Level (3000 ryo)

- Float (250 chakra) All skills in opponent's last post are reduced to 0 damage, can't interrupt,-once per battle - Only reduces completely unavoidable damage by 300

- Whirlwind (200 chakra) 500 multi-hit life damage, and blocks all techniques in opponent's last post, including throwing items.

- Hurricane (150 chakra) Release from any type of hold, including genjutsu. This may only be used while trapped/held - three times per battle -

-Reppuken (100 chakra) 200 damage, Completely unInterruptible. If used on the first turn of a PJ or Battle, its Completely Unavoidable, but Completely Unaffected by All Modifiers. Once per battle.

Mastery Level (6000 ryo)

- Rapid Spin (200 chakra) Avoids all techniques in opponent's last turn for you including unavoidable - twice per battle -

- Wind release (100 chakra) Holds all opponents for 2 turns, can't interrupt

- Powerful Blow (250 chakra, passive) Next skill performed gains a 300 damage increase, including skills that don't normally do damage, - once per battle -

-Arashi Jiten (350 chakra) Avoid one skill used by opponent last turn and deal 400 damage.

Item Creation (2000 Ryo+2000 Post Topic, Or 10 Successful Spar Wins with Mastery)

Swift Boots- All Taijutsu you use can no longer be avoided by clones. +100 chakra to Status.

*All skills are considered taijutsu
*For each element you posses you deal 50 more damage with taijutsu
*Elemental ninjutsu that are from the same type of chakra nature does 100 less damage on you
*Credit to Anyhylus/Kumori

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