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Sub Elements

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Sub Elements

Post  Yondaime on Wed Oct 29, 2008 8:55 am

Prerequisite: Basic Fire Element + Basic Water Element
4000 Ryo

Steam Attributes

-Steam Jets(50 chakra) 100 life-damage, interrupts opponent to cast technique.

-Steam Cloud(25 chakra) ~ESP~ stops opponent one post.

-Evaporation Methods(passive, 100 chakra) All offensive water Element jutsu/suiton skills used in the same turn as a fire element jutsu/katon skill will do an additional 300 life-damage this turn.

-Suffocating Steam(200 chakra) multi-hit. Stops opponent one post. Can't block. Can't interrupt. Twice per battle. You may pay an additional 200 chakra for this skill to make it unavoidable.

-Steam Demon;Destruction Blast(400 chakra) 600 life-damage multi-hit. Can't interrupt. For the remainder of the battle all fire/water skills will do an additional 100 life-damage.
Prerequisite: Fire Element Basics + Wind Element Basics
4000 ryo

Brush Fire Attributes

-Fiery Cyclone(100 chakra) 200 life-damage, captures multi-opponent one post.

-Heat Wave(200 chakra) 400 life-damage. Unavoidable. Once per battle.

-Pyrotechnics(50 chakra, passive) All katon/fire/brush fire element skills this turn gain the text "multi-hit.

-Scorching Winds(100 chakra, passive)All katon/fire/brush fire element skills this turn gain the text "can't interrupt" unless it would make it unavoidable.

-Scorch(500 chakra)multi-hit 1000-life-damage, 1000 self-damage, unavoidable. (once per battle)

Prerequisite: Water and Earth Basic Elements
4000 ryo

Wood Attributes

Amber Mold(100 chakra) captures opponent two posts.

Great Towing Redwood(300 chakra) 600 life. This can not be attacked or attack. At any time it may block a jutsu for you if you pay 50 chakra. Even an unavoidable jutsu. Not genjutsu. Once per battle. Can't interupt.

Petrification(100 chakra) Neither you nor your opponent can revive using second wind, crystal necklace, or any other skill of the sort once your health hits zero. This can not be stopped.

Growthspurt(gain 200 chakra and 200 health)Can't interupt. Once per battle.

Thorn Shot(50 chakra) 100 life-damage. Can't interrupt
Prerequisite: Fire+ Earth basic elements

4000 ryo

Magma Attributes

Countdown(400 chakra, 100 self damage) Lava slowly seeps closer to the opponents. At the end of five rounds the targeted opponent will take an unstoppable 500 life-damage. This damage can not be increased. (once per battle)

Magma Dragon; demonic blast(200 chakra) 400 life-damage, can't interrupt, can't avoid by clones. Blocks all Earth Element/Doton skills from the opponents last post.

Viscous Explosion(100 chakra + 50 chakra for each targeted opponent) Target any amount of opponents. 300 life-damage. Can't avoid, can't interrupt.

Viscous Buildup(50 chakra. 50 self-damage) Countdown will do an additional 100 life-damage. Once per battle. Can't interrupt.

Volcanic Eruption(100 chakra) for the next 10 turns both you and your opponent will take 25 life-damage. Unavoidable (may be avoided by a skill that avoids unavoidable moves) once per battle.
Prerequisite: Fire Element Basics + Lightning Element basics

4000 ryo

Spark Attribute

-Ember(50 chakra) 150 life-damage, multi-hit

-Input Shock(100 self-damage) increases all life-damage on your attacks by 50 for the next 5 turns.

-Output Shock(100 chakra) decreases all life-damage of your opponents skills by 50 for the next 5 turns. Can't be stopped.

-Firestorm(300 chakra) 500 life-damage, multi-hit. If blocked or avoided you get 250 chakra back. If interrupted you get 300 chakra back.

Discharge(100 chakra) 400 life-damage
Prerequisite: Water Element and Lightning Element Basic Skills

4000 ryo

Electrical Surge Attribute

Thunder(200 chakra) select one opponent. That opponent is automatically escaped from battle. Can only be avoided by an avoid unavoidable. Once per battle.

Miscommunication(400 chakra) You or your opponents may no longer heal each other or block for each other. This may be interrupted by mud river for 300 chakra. Once per battle.

Multiplication(300 chakra) next chidori of any type will deal double the damage. Can not use the chidori while your opponent is held.

Surge(200 chakra, 200 self damage) 800 life-damage multi-hit.

Shock(100 chakra) 250 life-damage, multi-hit.
Prerequisite: Wind and Lightning Element Basic Skills
4000 ryo

Storm Attribute

Let it Rain(100 chakra, passive) water element skills will cost 50 chakra less. Same with Suiton. And lightning element skills will do 100 additional damage. Can't interrupt.

Storm Elemental Blast(200 chakra) Next Resengan or Chidori will do 200 additional damage. Cant interrupted.

Thunder Storm(300 chakra)100 damage, all opponents stop one post. Multi-hit. Unavoidable. Damage can not be increased.
Once Per battle

Lightning Strike(100 chakra) 200 life-damage.

Cyclone(500 chakra) 600 life-damage. Opponent cant escape from battle for three turns. If this is avoided you will lose no chakra. Unavoidable. Once per battle.
Prerequisite: Earth and Lightning Basic Element

4000 ryo

Metal Attribute

Titanium Punch(100 chakra) 200-life damage

Steel Reverberation(200 chakra, passive) Opponent can not use a shield, or avoiding skill on your next lighting/earth skill.
Twice Per battle

Sonic Boom(200 chakra) 400 life-damage multi-hit unavoidable. Once per battle.

Steel Prison(200 chakra) captures opponent for one post. If your opponent avoid/blocks/interrupts this then if Titanium punch is used in the same post it will be unavoidable. Twice per battle.

Multi-Mineral Nutrients(100 chakra, passives) all damage for the next 5 turns is reduced by 100. Once per battle.
Prerequisite: Wind and Earth Basic Skills
4000 ryo

Desert Attribute

Sand Restoration(gain 300 chakra) once per battle, Can't interupt.

Sandstorm(100 chakra) multi-hit. Everyone in battle takes 25 life-damage for the next 10 turns. Even yourself. Unavoidable. May not be avoided at all.

Gust(50 chakra) stops opponent one post, and deals 100 life-damage

Sand Bombardment(200 chakra) 100 life-damage. Each turn you may use this again for 100 more chakra. And each turn it will do 200 more life-damage. Max=1000 life-damage.

Desert Ritual(100 times X chakra) summons sand demons to fight for you. For every 100 chakra u pay one more will be summoned. For every one u summon your opponent will take a combined attack from them off 100 damage each. (if 4 demons then 400 damage). During this time you may only use one attack per turn. Though you may still use 2 defensive skills each turn. The demons last 5 rounds. Once per battle.


Prerequisite: Water and Wind Basic Elements

4000 ryo

Ice Attributes

HailStorm(100 chakra) multi-hit. Everyone in battle takes 25 life-damage for the next 10 turns. Even yourself. Unavoidable. May not be avoided at all.

Blizzard(400 chakra)multi-hit 400 life-damage, stops opponent one post. Unavoidable if you pay 500 chakra for this jutsu.

Let is Snow(50 chakra) Gain 25 health for the next 4 turns. Can't interrupt. Twice per battle.

Icycle(100 chakra) 200 life-damage. Damage can not be reduced by skills that reduce damage.

Freeze(100 chakra) stops opponent one post. If avoided your opponents next jutsu will cost 50 additional chakra.

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