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Post  Yondaime on Wed Oct 29, 2008 9:07 am

For Chuunin and up

Sly Mind Affect Technique
Mission XP:15
-This jutsu causes the enemy to walk around in circles for hours by making it seem as if they're walking straight to their desired destination. The enemy eventually becomes exhausted after traveling the same path over and over.

In the anime, Kakashi used this jutsu on Naruto and Sakura while testing their abilities against Genjutsu.

Effect: Opponent may only use one less attack next turn [50 chakra

Demonic Illusion: False Surroundings Technique
Mission XP:15
-Magen Narakumi no Jutsu is a Genjutsu technique that causes its target to see a horrifying vision. The ninja will use the serpent hand seal to cause a circle of leaves to spin and envelop the target and then fall away. Once cast the world will appear normal to the target until they see the illusion.

Effect: Opponent takes 100 damage [Chakra: 75

Eternal Sakura
Mission XP:17
-Sakuras genjutsu of innerless mind

-Effect: Stun all opponents 1 post [Chakra:100

Haze Clone
Mission XP:10
-This unnamed flower petal technique is a Genjutsu utilized by the Leaf Jounin Yuuhi Kurenai. If Kurenai comes under attack, she can use this technique to cover her escape. After forming the needed hand seals, Kurenai's body will disperse into a shower of flower petals. These petals will confuse and distract her opponent while she escapes or hides.

-Effect: ESC battle [Chakra:100

Ninja Art Prosing flowers
Mission XP:13
-Flowers are used to commit a attack with out detection

-Effect: Next taijutsu is cant avoid [Chakra:170

Plant Form Attack
Mission XP:10
-Kurenais jutsu of plant

-Effect: Each time this is used it will deal an additional 25 life-damage, damage can only be increased this way four times per battle. If the opponent is caught in "tree binding" this skill will gain an additional 100 life-damage [Chakra:100

Flower Submition
Mission XP:9
-This causes the opponent to lose all hope of life and get lost in their minds

-Effect:All opponent are hit with 300 CUA damage-Once per Battle- [Chakra:200

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