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Post  Yondaime on Wed Oct 29, 2008 9:09 am

Temari- The Fearful Sister
Fear (150 Chakra, Passive) Half the damage the opponent did to you last turn from one attack, is reduced from the damage you take this turn. once per battle

Shikamaru - The Lazy Analysist
Situation Analysis (150 Chakra, Passive) For the next two post, all your skills gain the text "Can't be blocked or avoided", but after those two post are up, your next two post, all your skills lose there text, once per battle.

Orochimaru- The Cruel Sannin
Cruel Experiment (120 Chakra, Passive) Attack a player in the Academy's, however the player must have 6000 or more post, and the attack must be done within 5 minutes of that players last post in the topic. Once per battle

Neji- The Genius
Genius Marking (125 chakra,Passive) Next Two skills you use cost 100 less chakra to use. Once per battle.

Naruto - The Raging Spirit
Reckless Will (100 Chakra, Passive) If there was a Limited Jutsu, you may use it again, but the cost becomes Life and you must pay 50% more to use it. Once per battle. Doesn't work on Completely Unavoidable skills.

Rock Lee - The Determined Spirit
Determination (200 Chakra, Passive) If user takes damage that would kill him this turn, the User of this skill stays alive with 1 Health left. Once per Battle.

Kiba - The Keen Wolf
Scent Tracing (150 Chakra, Passive) User can attack 1 minute faster in a pj, (meaning can attack every 9 minutes) once per battle

Kakashi- The Copy Ninja
Sharingan Copy (125 chakra, Passive) Copys one technique the opponent has used this last post, You may use that technique on your next post only, The skill cost 50% more chakra to use. Cannot copy Life-time, Curse Seal, Bloodline, Demon Skills, or fs skills,Once per battle. (Must have a form of Sharingan to get this one)

Itachi- The Older Brother
Power (200 chakra, Passive) All skills do + 100 damage, for the rest of the battle, once per battle

Hinata - The Innocent On-Looker
Innocent Watch (75 Chakra, Passive) If user has joined a Player Jump and is being targeted, User may ignore the attacks and cancel their own attacks and escape with no interference. However, user cannot join the Player Jump again.(User cannot escape, if the opponents are akatsuki, Or if one of the users has over 6000 post) Once per Battle

Haku - The Innocent Murderer
Innocence (150 Chakra, Passive) If user killed another player, user can negate the kill but still claim rewards.(the user can only claim money, Not a Stocked kill, or Jp, or Blood Points) once per battle. (Users kill does not increase)

Gaara - The Abandoned Child
Forsaken Ally (150 Chakra, Passive) All techniques used this turn become Multi-hit for this post only, not including Unavoidable techniques or completely unavoidable. Half the Damage the skill deals is self-Damage. Does not affect Genjutsu. Once per Battle

Sakura- The Helpless Lover
Infatuation (125 Chakra, Passive) One ally now splits damage with the user of this skill for 3 Rounds.Once per battle (does not work if the skills are Multi-hit)

Choji - The Hungry Friend
Increased Metabolism (125 Chakra, Passive) All Items heal 50% more health and chakra this round only. Once per Battle.

Sasuke- The Avenger
Brotherly Hatred (125 chakra, Passive) All skills now do 150 more damage, if you are in a fight against a akatsuki member, once per battle (last whole battle)

Ten Ten- Weapon Master
Kunai Puncture (125 chakra, Passive) if a Kunai hits the opponent this turn the opponent loses Two times the health he normally would from a kunai, once per battle

Tsunade- Master Medic
Medical Expertise (100 chakra, Passive) All Medic life-time skills take 50% less chakra to use for one post, Once per battle

Zabuza- The Malicious Killer
Massacre (100 chakra, Passive) If the opponent is using the 'Extream will' trait all your attacks do 125 more damage for the next two post, once per battle

Shino- The Silent Strategist
Plan B (100 Chakra, Passive) If your skill was Blocked or Avoided last turn and it has a limited use, you may use it this turn again. Cannot be used on Completely Unavoidable skills or Unavoidables skills (The skills damage cannot do over 200). Once per Battle.

Kurenai- The Genjutsu Professional
Genjustu Technique; Quick Casting (150 Chakra, Passive) Next Genjutsu technique cannot be stopped by release and is Multi-hit. Once per battle.

• You can only have One
• If you have a Eye Bloodline you can own two But you must pay an extra 6000 ryo for your second one.
• They Cost 5000 ryo
• You can Never Change It.
• All Character soul skills are completely uninterruptable.

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