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General Traits

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General Traits

Post  Yondaime on Wed Oct 29, 2008 4:33 pm

Cost: 2 JP
Sharp Sight: The user gets the ability to throw 2 or more weapons at once, making a Single hit item, a multi-hit item.

Cost: 2 JP
Genius: User gains the ability to avoid 1 skill every 4 posts. Not including unavoidable techniques, Confusing techniques, or can't avoid techniques.

Cost: 2 JP
Inhibited Reaction: User avoids one Taijutsu without taking a attack from his/her turn. Can be used in a chain in 1 turn. Can only be used every 3 turns.

Cost: 2 JP
Concentration: Chakra-Based Techniques cost 10 less chakra (Minimum of 10 chakra must always be paid however).

Cost: 2 JP
Prodigy: Allows you to purchase an additional S rank jutsu. This can be purchased more then once to increase S rank jutsu capacity.

Cost: 2 JP
Clear Mind: Avoid one skill that confuses you. The skill cant be unavoidable and the skill must specifically say confuse in the text. Once every 4 turns this may be used.

Cost: 4 JP
Keen Senses: Avoid all throwing items from the opponents last post. Can only be used once per battle. And cant avoid exploding tags.

Cost: 4 JP
One-Handed Jutsus: User can throw items while summoning a Jutsu to attack at the same time. If the User gets interrupted, the Opponent still takes the damage from the Items that were thrown. This can only be used with Ninjutsu and Genjutsu!, also while using a item.

Cost: 4 JP
Second Wind: Upon reaching 0 health, user regains 1Hp, but only once per battle.

Cost: 2 JP + concentration
Chakra control: this allows the user to control there chakra in there feet. ESP one move. This may only be used once every 2 turns.

Cost: 4 JP
Scroll Arts: You may use more than one scroll per battle. For every rank in this skill you gain access to one more scroll per fight.

Cost: 2 JP
Gather: You can gather the weapons, by how many ranks you have in this skill. And this will be provided you're near where they landed or bounced to and they must be your own weapons. This is done during the Response Phase.

Cost: 5 JP
Chakra-Fused Weapons: The user is able to use his/her chakra in order to increase the damage of a throwing item this turn. Max: 100 chakra

Life: 100
Chakra: 100

thow shuriken (50 normal damage) + Chakra-Fused Weapon (25 chakra) = 75 damage


Cost: 3 JP
Genjutsu Sharper: For every rank in this skill, status effects inflicted by Genjutsu will last one post longer. This will not allow you to break the maximum post duration of any status effect. Max. Post: 3

Cost: 4 JP
Mind Distortion: The opponent must pay an extra 50 life/chakra to release a genjutsu.

Cost: 4 JP
Open Mind: Pay an extra 50 chakra to make a genjutsu multi-hit. Doesn't affect unavoidables or CUA's. This effect is not included in the amount of chakra or life needed to release the gnjutsu. Once per battle.



Cost: 2 JP
Elemental Sharper: All elemental skills will do 10 more life damage

Cost: 4 JP
Ninjutsu Mastery: Ninjutsu of your home village element will do an extra +50 damage. This is inclusive of modifiers.

Cost: 4 JP
Subtle Elemental (Element name here): You may learn an elemental jutsu that is not from your village (IE: Fire jutsu in Mist village). Remember that you must specify which element you bought with this skill (Fire, Mist, Wind, Earth, Lightning, Grass, Sound)

Cost: 4 JP

Chakra Taps: When your chakra hits zero or less automatically be refueled with 25 chakra. You cant use this 25 chakra as apart of the skill that drained your chakra.

Cost: 4 JP
Extreme Will: Your chakra far exceeds simple will. You can continue to fight using your HP in place of your Chakra, once your Chakra reaches 0. You may only use Ninjutsu and Genjutsu techniques during these posts and all skills will cost an additional 100 chakra. When the skill expires you immediately pass out (or worse, at Kage discretion) regardless of any other skill you may have. This is your "last wind."

Cost: 6 JP
Prison Master: Prison/capturing jutsu jutsu you control now cant be avoid by clones.


Cost: 2 JP
Martial Artist: +25 Damage to Punches, Kicks, and Taijutsu techniques.

Cost: 2 JP + Martial Artist
Taijutsu Style(): The user has managed to learn the basics of a taijutsu style, and, knowing this, the path is opened to powerful techniques. User is able to access techniques of style ().

Cost: 4 JP + Hot Blooded
Inhumane Speed: A Taijutsu used on the turn this is used is unavoidable and costs 50 more chakra and 50 self damage. Once per battle.

Cost: 4 JP
Extreme Endurance : Your strength far exceeds simple endurance. For a number of posts equal to your rank in this skill, you can continue to fight using your HP in place of your Chakra, once your chakra reaches 0. You may only use Taijutsu techniques during these posts, and when the skill expires you immediately pass out (or worse, at Kage discretion) regardless of any other skill you may have. This is your "last wind."

Cost: 4 JP

Wield Throwing Weapon: User may wield a throwing weapon of their choice, adding the damage it would do to any one of their attacks without losing it from their inventory. Cannot be used with Unavoidable Skills. Once every three turns. If used with an Exploding Tag, the damage is Unavoidable and both users take 100 damage.

Cost: 0 BP+Hotblooded Bloodline

Trade your useless Traits: User may exchange the traits that they cannot use for Traits that they can use.

Cost: 10 JP

Determination: If user is stopped, they may use Offensive Jutsu on the turn they are held, unless held by Genjutsu. Twice per battle.

Cost: 4 JP
Reflex: User may block any basic (Taijutsu that origianlly cost 100 chakra or less) taijustu that is blockable. Once every 4 turns.

Cost: 3 JP
Raging Force: The opponent(s) must pay an extra 50 chakra to block one skill this round. Can't be used on unavoidables. Once per battle.

Cost: 150 BP+Hot Blooded
Faster than Light: Avoid all Genjutsu for the rest of the battle,Doesn't include Tsukoyomi.Once Per Battle.

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