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Flying Thunder God

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Flying Thunder God

Post  Yondaime on Tue Oct 28, 2008 10:52 pm

Flying Thunder God:
木ノ葉の黄色い閃光, "Konoha no Kiiroi Senkō"
Cost: 2000 Ryou
Restrictions: You can’t have a Demon or a Juin while owning this Lifetime.
Qty: 5

User gains -5 Throwing Thunder Kunai (125 Damage) and -6 Flying Thunder God Seals to their weapon pouch.
All users attacks deal +100 damage to demon holders/demons themselves.

-Flash (75 Chakra) Avoid all jutsu from multi opponents last turn.
-Yellow Flash (150 Chakra) Avoid one move from opponents last post. Even unavoidable and genjutsu. Twice per battle.
-Cursed Strength (50 Chakra) Absorb 100/100 from opponent if they have Juin 1 active. Absorb 200/200 if they have Juin 2 active. Completely unavoidable and can't be interrupted, only part of this move that can be modified is chakra cost. Once per battle.
-Teleport (50 Chakra) -ESP-. Doesn't take up a move slot. Can -ESP- multi hits three times a battle.
-Seal Placement; Prepared (50 Chakra) Place a prepared seal. Can't interrupt. *
-Yellow Flash; Seal Points (150 Chakra) Avoid's all moves from multi opponents last post. Includes all types of jutsus and UA's, not including CUA. Requires two prepared seals and doesn't take up a move. Once per battle. Can't be used in a DM/Spar, only out in 'the real world'.
-Seal Placement; Battle (75 Chakra + 1 Thunder Kunai) Place a seal via kunai.
-Seal Pass; Ally (50 Chakra) You may give a seal to an ally, permanently. If they are in a PJ, you may use 'Yellow Flash; Seal Points' to jump in the battle, avoid all moves that Seal Points would avoid for you, them and any allies of theirs you wish to take too, and auto escape the battle with them. **
-Yellow Flash; Lightning Flash (125 Chakra) Multi hit 300 life damage. Stop opponents one turn. Unavoidable. Requires a kunai seal placed. Once per battle. May be used straight after 'Seal Pass; Ally' and the attack won't be negated by the escaping rules.
-Legacy (100 Life, 100 Chakra) All allies gain 200/200. Once per battle.
God of Speed (Attribute) Taijutsu gains +100 Life Damage for User, all Avoiding Skills cost -50 Chakra. Doesn't affect Flying Thunder God Skills.
Quick Reactions (Attribute) All Skills deal -50 Life Damage to Flying Thunder God Users. Doesn't include Genjutsu.
True Speed (Attribute) All Traveling Threads are cut down by 50 posts. When traveling with a group this is negated. In missions this lowers the traveling by 25 posts for each rank. (C being 25, B being 50, A being 75).
Too Fast For You (Attribute) All skills can no longer be avoided by ESP.
Godlike Speed (75 Chakra) Interrupt all Skills, including Genjutsu and Close Encounter. Can't interrupt. 3 times per battle.
Master Footwork (100 Chakra) Avoids all Skills from 2 Opponents. Can avoid skills that were modified to can't be avoided. Once per turn. 5 times per battle.
Whiplash (100 Chakra) 350 Life Damage, Cant Block/Interupt/ESP. Does 400 Life Damage when Kunai Shower is activated.
Kunai Shower (50 Chakra, Passive) Activates some Flying Thunder God skills.
*God of Flash (200 Chakra) Avoid all Skills for the User and 2 Allies, including unavoidable moves and Genjutsu. Twice per battle. Doesn't avoid Genjutsu for Allies.
*Extreme Power (75 Chakra, Passive) All User's Skills cost -50 Chakra and do +150 Life Damage for the next 3 turns. Cant be interrupted. Twice per Battle. Can't be used in 5 turns of itself.
*Flying Thunder God (300 Chakra, 100 Self-Damage) 500 Life Damage. Paralyze Opponent for 1 post. Unavoidable. If Opponent has 500 Life or less, this is Completely Unavoidable and Opponent cannot revive. Once per battle.

*Requires Kunai Shower

*You may permanently place a seal in one village/area, and may teleport there using Flash 3 times in a traveling thread. You auto escape and may not be stopped after using flash 3 times in the thread. May not be used if attacking/in battle/being attacked.
**There is still the 2 minute escape time limit

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