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Post  Yondaime on Tue Oct 28, 2008 11:01 pm


The Puppeteer:
Ninjas of the sand have puppeteer squads. Many Puppeteers carry more than one puppet at a time.

Beginning Level:
Gennin Rank
Puppeteers at this Level has learned the basics, they are able to manipulate Puppets at a weak level.

Puppet Creation (Passive) Enables you to create a Custom Puppet with: 3 Moves. You cannot have an avoid/block/interupt unavoidable move, or an unavoidable move itself.

Chakra Strings (50 Chakra, Passive) If you have none, or just 1 puppet out on the field under your control, you may control your opponents throwing items with this.

Basic Skills:
Body Replacement Jutsu (Passive, 25 Chakra) Replace your body with your puppets, Escape from Captures & Stopping techniques (not cant avoids). All Damage done to the user on this turn is dealt to his/her Puppet in return.
Puppet Block Jutsu (100 Chakra) Have your Puppet block a Attack for you/ally, the Puppet takes all the damage you would’ve taken. This doesn’t include unavoidable moves. If this is used on a Technique that would kill the Puppet, the remaining Damage is dealt to the Master of the puppet. If hit by a capturing/stopping/etc move, the puppet still takes the hit, and it IS captured/stopped.
Summon Puppet (75 chakra, passive) Summon a puppet of your choice.

Intimidate Level:
Cost: Gained when Chunnin rank is Achieved.

Poison Set: The user now has a set of 5 poisons. To have this set, it costs 500 ryo. The set contains;
-Red poison: Deals 100 damage every turn for 2 turns. QTY: 2
-Blue poison: Deals 50 chakra damage every turn for 2 turns. QTY: 2
-Yellow poison: Disables opponent from using Nin OR Tai OR Gen jutsu on their next turn. QTY: 2
Puppet addition: Allows you to add another skill to your custom puppet. It cannot be unavoidable. It cannot avoid or block or interupt unavoidable moves.

Poison Kit (50 Chakra) Enables you to restock your Poisons during battle. Can only be used twice per battle.

Poison Injection (50 Chakra) Inject a Poison of your choice into your Opponent, can’t be interrupted.
Poison Redemption (100 Chakra) Take away the effects of Poison on you or an Ally.

Advanced Level
Cost: Gained when Jounin Rank is achieved

Advanced Puppet Creation (Creating Jutsu) Enables you to add 3 more Techniques to your Puppet. It may have ONE avoid/whatever unavoidable, OR ONE unavoidable move.

Each item in advanced costs a certain amount of ryo.
-Centre Core Enhancement (750 ryo) Upgrade your custom puppets health by 200. Or you can upgrade a puppet you bought from the store. Can only be bought/used on one of your puppets, and can only be bought once.
-Extra blades (750 ryo) Automatically gives all your puppets attacks +50 damage.

Advanced Chakra String User (100 chakra) If this is used on someone who is using any type of metal weapon (sword, kunais, senbons, knifes, etc), you can negate their attack. Even if it is cant avoid, or block, or interupt, but not all 3 and not unavoidable. Only works on each opponent twice per battle.
The skill of one hand (Static effect) You can use moves that require handseals if you have 1 puppet or less on the field. Costs 750 ryo.
Puppet Death (0 chakra) Can't interupt in ANY WAY AT ALL. The dead body you use this on can now be used to make a custom puppet.

Side notes:
-Your custom puppets can not have Genjutsu, nor does genjutsu effect puppets
-You cannot use moves that require handseals if you have 2 puppets summoned/on the field. You cant use moves that require handseals if you have 1 puppet on the field too, unless you have "The skill of one hand"
-Each move in your custom puppet costs 1200 ryo.
-You do not lose the skills/items/anything from previous levels of puppet master, you keep all stages and everything you have had/earnt.
-You can only have 7 moves on your custom puppet
-Your custom puppets must cost chakra/life to keep out on the field, the amount is decided while being made. Except self puppets and hiruko puppets.
-Centre core cannot be used on Hiruko or Self puppets
-Can only have 1 custom puppet (exception for self puppets)
-Just to make it fairish, as soon as someone makes their custom self puppet, the qty goes down. Make as in, post it. If it doesnt get approved in the end, the qty goes back. If it does get approved, the qty just remains taken away.
-Once you take out/summon a puppet, you can put it away, but can't take it out again in the battle.
-Once your hiruko puppets health is gone, its destroyed and cant be used rest of the battle, no matter what.
-There are some types of custom puppets, read on:

Human Puppet:Qty: Unlimited
There is the human puppet, you can only make this custom puppet after killing someone and using 'Puppet Death'. Whoever you turn into your custom puppet, you do not gain the BP or JP from the kill. You get to pick 7 skills from their CS, you can only pick Nin or taijutsu (no chakra element moves), or bloodline (except kaguya and sharingan and any genjutsu bloodlines), and they are turned into your puppet with 2/3 of the life minus 200. They do not have any upgrades. You can only own one of these at once, but you can replace your old one with a new one (old one is permanently lost). May not pick more then 2 unavoidable moves from their stats.
-Jounin rank or higher
-6500 Ryo to use forever
-Note you don't have to pay 1.2k for every skill, once you pay the 6.5k to be able to have dead puppets, thats it. but you can only have 1 at a time, remember
-They cost 50 chakra or life to keep out each turn

Hiruko Style Puppet:Qty: Unlimited
Then there is the Hiruko style puppets. Yes i know, such a boring name, but a hiruko style puppet is a puppet that you are inside of, and can control from the inside. They protect the user, and are quite powerful. If you chose to have this puppet, you are automatically inside it at the start of every battle, and you may own an armor but the armor(s) you own give you no life bonus. to get to your health/chakra, the opponent must first destroy your Hiruko style puppet.
-Jounin rank or higher
-1500 more ryo to make then a normal custom puppet
-Still costs 1.2k a move, just gotta pay a bonus.
-Can have 1 unavoidable or 1 avoid/block unavoidable.
-Has 800 life and 200 chakra.
-Once its life is gone, its destroyed for the battle.
-Doesnt take any chakra from you
-Limit of 7 moves.

Normal Custom Puppet:Qty: Unlimited
Then there is the normal custom puppet, which i'll explain just incase.
Your normal puppet is a puppet you control, you can summon, or have automatically out at the start of each battle. It has 7 moves, and 1 move can be unavoidable or avoid unavoidable. This is just a normal custom puppet. don't think its weak though, it can still be really strong.

The Self Puppet:Qty: 3
Then there is the self puppet. The self puppet is probably the strongest form of all custom puppets, and puppets themselves. You have to be extremely skilled in puppets to be able to turn yourself into one, infact, you have to be one of THE strongest. There can only be 4 of these in the whole game. If you are a puppet yourself, you are allowed to have a hiruko style puppet custom and a dead human puppet. Rather, you can ONLY have a hiruko and/or a dead human puppet, you may not own any ones from the store if you are a self puppet. You are allowed to have an avoid unavoidable and and unavoidable, or 2 of one. Once you turn into a self puppet, you may not ever be a real human again, unless you die and sell your puppet lifetime within 24 hours of reviving.
-Sannin rank
-10,000 Ryo
-A history

When you make it, you can make 3 upgrades for it.
The upgrades could be anything from extra health, to extra poison damage. They still have to be approved in the custom making of your self puppet. The upgrades don't cost anything extra, but the upgrades have to be earnt. Example Of upgrades:

-Upgrade 1: Gain 50 damage on all ??? attacks. Requires 1000 ryo or 200 posts
-Upgrade 2: Gain 100 damage on all ?? attacks Requires 1000 ryo and upgrade 1 or 200 posts and upgrade 1. Doesn't stack
-Upgrade 3: All your ??? attacks cannot be interupted. Requires 1000 ryo and upgrade 2 or 200 posts and upgrade 2. Stacks with upgrade 2.

Just to note, there are upgrades which stack, and ones that don't stack. IE: upgrade one adds 50 damage to all skills, and then your next one adds 50 damage, they stack. Or if upgrade one gives you 50 extra health, and the next upgrade gives you 100 health, they don't stack, the first one just 'vanishes'. You can chose whether they stack or not when you make it.

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