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Post  Yondaime on Wed Oct 29, 2008 8:50 am

These are Misc. Items which belong in a random section like this, or are here just for easier access and what not.

Cost: 500 ryo
When going into battle, a ninja may store a small combustible ember in their mouth. The ember must be bitten to be activated. The ninja can then spit the ember at a combustible substance to help ignite it.
-Ember flare (Passive) Add +100 damage to any fire move. Three times per battle, can stack. Can't interupt.

Cost: 500 ryo
This weapon is used by Rain ninja. Worn on the back, the ninja can quickly open the umbrella and hurl it into the air. While spinning in the air, the umbrella can unleash a rain of needles upon the target.
-Umbrella Increase the damage of the Needle Rain jutsu by 200. All water ninjutsu deal +50 damage. If you are a water element user all suiton jutsu (not counting manipulations) also cost -25 chakra aswell as +50 damage.

Cost: 750
Ninja from Hidden Rain sometimes wear a breath mask for their missions. The mask allows the ninja to breathe underwater and in harsh air conditions.

*Added Cax Note: Can allow easier breathing, allowing more concentration, allowing more things upon eachother.
-Breath Mask All Genjutsu Master skills cost -25chakra or you no longer deal 50 less damage with taijutsu.

Cost: 750
This device developed in the Snow Country, can be used to suck out the chakra of a captured enemy combatant. This will prevent them from using chakra to create jutsu. The device also creates an impenetrable wall around the prisoner, preventing them from removing the device.
-Chakra Control Device Destroy 400 of the opponents chakra. Can't block or interupt. Twice per battle.

Cost: 600 ryo
The range finder can function both as binoculars and as a means to measure the distance to a target.
-Range Finder (Passive) Active your range finder. For this and your next 2 turns, all ranged weapons deal +75 damage. Twice per battle.
-Range Finder; Cyber Accuracy (Passive) +100 life damage to one throwing weapon. The throwing weapon is turned unavoidable for one use. Once per battle.

Cost: 300 ryo
Hunter ninja will track down and kill any ninja who commit crimes and flee their village. After kiling the criminal, they will dispose of the body to prevent any of the village's secrets from falling into enemy hands.
-Hunter Disposal Kit You may use this on any dead ninja who has been in your current or one of your previous villages. They must post 100 more times in hell, or f you use this as an ANBU on a missing nin (doesn't have to be from one of your villages), they must post 300 more times.

Cost: 1000 Ryo
Stone ninja Kakkou has retractable wrist blades attached to his forearms. These blades can spring forth when needed to surprise any opponent he fights hand to hand.
-Kakkou's Wrist Blades +100 damage to all taijutsu. May add the effect 'cant interupt' to one taijutsu per battle.

Cost: 1250 Ryo
Kotetsu carries two large kunai on his back. Kotetsu can work in tandem with Kamizuki Izumo to wield both with deadly results.
-Kotetsu's Giant Kunai
--Dual Slash (75 chakra) 175 damage. Can't avoid or interupt.
--Giant throw (Counts as throwing a weapon) 200 life damage, can't avoid. Loses one of your kunai (you have 2).
--Dual Effort (150 chakra from both users) Pass an ally one of the kunais. You must both use this move for it to work. 500 life damage, unavoidable. Once per battle.
--Extra damage +25 damage on all taijutsu for each giant kunai you're using.
--These moves are regarded the same as sword skills, and are affected by moves that target sword skills, etc.

Cost: 1250 Ryo
Kotetsu has a large mace with a spiked conch-type shell head. Due to its size Kotetsu keeps the mace in an easily accessible summoning scroll until needed.
-Kotetsu's Mace Requires a scroll to 'summon'.
--Breakthrough Mace (100 chakra) Block one move. 175 damage. Can't block.
--Breakthrough Mace; Solid (200 chakra) Block any taijutsu, even unavoidable. 300 damage. Can't block, interupt, or avoid by clones. Once per battle.

Cost: 1250 Ryo
Akimichi Chouza has the ability to alter the size of his body at will. Chouza utilizes a personal staff weapon that has the ability to grow in size as he does.
-Akimichi Staff All akimichi skills cost 50 less chakra and deal 50 more damage.

Cost: 500 Ryo
Snow ninja Mizore has augmented his chakra armor will a large clawed hand. This hand can detatch and be shot at his opponents to grab ahold of them. It can also fire out a sticky rope to tie up his enemy.
-Mizore's Chakra Armor Hand Twice per battle you may add 'captures opponent' to any taijutsu. Can't interupt. Doesnt affect CUA moves.

Priestess Bell

Cost: 8500 ryo + Jounin Rank + At Least 2 Light Ninjutsu

Priestess's Bell (400 chakra) Block and reflect all non-Light techniques from all opponents last move. Reflected attacks keep all text and do half the damage they did after any modifications. Includes Unavoidable Ninjutsu/Taijutsu/Genjutsu. Chakra cost cannot be reduced below 300. Doesn't affect CUA moves. Cannot own this and the Crystal Necklace at the same time. Once Per battle.

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