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Sealing Jutsu

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Sealing Jutsu

Post  Yondaime on Wed Oct 29, 2008 9:01 am

4000 Ryo +Jounin rank and up

Demon Sealing Technique(500 chakra) Seal Demon into a targeted player of Chuunin to Jounin rank. The user of this Jutsu automatically dies and does 500 posts in hell. The user cannot be revived by a medic or by killing the demon.


3000 ryo + Legendary Sanin or Elder or Kage/Akatsuki Leader Rank

Picture coming soon

Five Elements Seal;(400 Chakra) completely unavoidable if opponents health is below 500. This skill can only be used on one who possesses a demon. It will revert the opponent to his normal rank stats instead of demon stats and the demon skills will not be accessible. Remains in effect until removed by Five Elements Unseal; Five Pronged.


2000 ryo + Legendary Sanin Rank, Elder or Kage/Akatsuki Leader Rank

Five Elements Unseal; Five Pronged(400 Chakra) Stops the effect of the 5 element seal Technique. Uninterpretable. Completely unavoidable if the target is willing.


A Ranked Jutsu
5000 Ryo

Evil Sealing Method(200 Chakra)Removes a cursed seal. This can be used even with the effect of the curse sealing jutsu. If so used, no money will be refunded for the sealed. Can't blocked or interrupted.

Note: All Cursed skills can not be targeted on yourself or another account of your accounts


Hyuuga Branch Seal
Can only be used and conducted by Hyuuga Clan Members.
Cost: Free with Byakugan
Seal Placing (100 Chakra) Can only be used on a Member of the Hyuuga Clan that does not have the Seal already. After the member dies he/she will lose his/her Byakugan. Can't block/interrupt/avoid.

Seal Activation (### of Chakra the same as damage) 50-250 life Damage (250 is the max Life Damage you can deal, 50 is the least). Damage cannot otherwise be increased or decreased. Can only be used on Hyuuga Clan members with the Seal. Completely unavoidable. Stops opponent one turn. Can't be used twice in a row. Can only be used twice per battle. If used against a non traitorous member of the clan to deal 200 or more damage, the user is kicked out of the clan. Twice per battle.

Seal Removal(100 chakra) Removes the Sun Wheel Seal from targeted player. Can be used in any village or battle area.

Is placed on the Hyuuga Member if they receive this seal.
Sun Wheel Seal: This Hyuuga Member will lose his Byakugan when he dies, and cannot remove the seal himself.

Cost: 1500 Ryo

Ho/Mizu/Kaze/Tsuchi/Rai Houin 'Fire/Water/Wind/Earth/Lightning Sealing Method' (200 Chakra) block any elemental jutsu, including unavoidable. After blocking you may use the skill you blocked against your opponent at the cost of no chakra and 1 passive and 1 move slot. (once per battle)


Cost: 1000 Ryo + Medic or Tsunade Lifetime

Genjutsu Fuuin 'Illusion Skill Seal' (150 chakra) opponent cannot use any type of genjutsu for three turns. Considered genjutsu. Twice per battle.


Cost: 1000 Ryo + a Medic Lifetime or Tsunade Lifetime

Kuchiyose Taisan Fuuin 'Chakra Confusion Seal' (100 Chakra) For the next three turns opponent must use life instead of chakra. CUA. Once per battle.

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