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Drunken Fist

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Drunken Fist

Post  Yondaime on Tue Oct 28, 2008 11:06 pm

Cost: 600 Ryo

Hangover (Attribute) When user has more than one Sake in effect at one time, they take 15 Life Damage every round until only one Sake is in effect.
Cupped Fists (25 Chakra, Passive) All non-Suiken Kempo Taijutsu deal +50 Life Damage. Lasts 4 Turns.
*Chin Strike (50 Chakra) 75 Life Damage. Stun Opponent for 1 Post. Can't Block/Interrupt.
*Crane Strike (100 Chakra) 150 Life Damage. Next Taijutsu becomes "Can't Block" but can't become Unavoidable. Can't Block/Avoid by ESP.
*Down The Hatch (150 Chakra) 200 Life Damage. Hold Opponent One Post. Can't Block/Interrupt.
*Sake (50 Chakra, Passive) For each Sake drunk, Taijutsu deal +25 Life Damage. Each Sake lasts for 3 Turns or until the user takes 400 Life Damage from one skill. Genjutsu deal 50 Less Damage and Stop for 1 less post while this skill is active are active. Once per Turn.
**Handstand Volley (200 Chakra) Interrupt Opponent's Technique. 300 Life Damage. Can't Avoid.
**Spinning Headbutt (150 Chakra) 150 Life Damage per Sake in effect. Negate Opponent's Taijutsu. Three Times per Battle.
**Fluid Movement (50 Chakra, Passive) User is allowed to use an extra move this turn, as long as it is Taijutsu or avoids skills. Twice per Battle.
**Reversing Kick (100 Chakra) 300 Life Damage. Can't Block/Avoid by ESP.
**Unpredictable Movement (200 Chakra) Avoids 2 Skills, including Unavoidable. Once per Battle.
**Muddled Thoughts (125 Chakra) Negate all Genjutsu last round costing 100 Chakra or Less. Three Times per Battle. Requires Two Sake to be in effect.
**Drunken Movement (150 Chakra) Avoid 1 Skill. 250 Life Damage. Can't Block.
**Whipping Cup Fist (100 Chakra) 200 Life Damage. Deals 300 Life Damage if Drunken Movement was used this turn. Can't Interrupt.
**Fake Out (100 Chakra, Passive) Negate one move you made last turn. If the move is limited, but not Unavoidable, it doesn't lose the limit. If it is unavoidable, the move loses its limit but no chakra is lost. Once per Battle.

*Requires Cupped Fists to be in effect.
**Requires Sake to be in effect.

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